Lisa Rinna Is 'Grateful' as She Announces Exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After 8 Seasons

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  1. They shouldn’t even name it Rhony. It should be Real Influencers of New York.

  2. I swear it's usually 2/3 reads each and then 3/4 for the winner of the challenge? One read each felt less library and more book mobile.

  3. i feel the opposite. They were doing such a good job with her character and treating her just like “one of the girls.” Making her a woman, not a “trans-woman.” The show at no point alludes to her being trans or references any trans lifestyles. So to just obliquely mention her transitioning as the reason her mom abandoned her doesn’t make any sense. It just wasn’t clear enough to have any impact. I interpreted it as her mom not wanting to compete with a child, let alone a daughter, and so she shipped her away bc she felt threatened by Luna (and her beauty bc she’s gorgeous). I wish they were more clear here and not bringing it up for 2 years just reflects poor writing.

  4. It wasn't clear at all to me. I only know from reading this comment thread. I thought she was just saying she couldn't handle a daughter.

  5. Wasn’t the show only cancelled last week ? How were they able to wrap it up or did they know from the start that there would be no season 3

  6. HBOMax has been canceling shows left and right, so they probably had a good idea.

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but did the show use "Halleloo" so many times. I remember some queen said that everything that they said during the show will be owned by the show or something like that. or are there any specific time frame for this?

  8. Not a housewife, but Jason from Winter House was always in the kitchen making everyone tasty looking food. They didn't even appreciate him 😤

  9. I don’t know the man next to Luxx, but I would like to know him 👀👀

  10. you know there was a movie too 😅 starting J.Lo 😂😂 we non-Texans and non-Mexicans know about Selena and Yolanda too

  11. Also the Behind the Music or whatever mtv/vh1 documentary they did.

  12. On paper she had everything going for her to be a great HW only to give us absolutely nothing

  13. Asher gave us an invaluable addition to the Everything Iconic soundboard.

  14. The whole thing smells of Nate. Any time they have made a wrong move it was his dumb idea she went along with, he has been so controlling.

  15. Right as the season was starting news dropped they are locked out of the company and some accounts by Gordons family so I'm guessing it's linked to being unemployed (other than housewives).

  16. I actually enjoy Brad and one of the gays, Jaymes, was one of my fav racers on The Amazing Race but I won’t watch because of Todrick.

  17. TIL Jaymes is married to the guy from Mean Girls and that baking show!

  18. Whenever someone says Diana, every single time, my brain takes a second and then I think, "oh yeah"

  19. It's so weird how stalking people for tabloid stories is something that we as a society have accepted as normal.

  20. How do brunettes like Sutton keep their hair blonde like she does? I tried going lighter as a brunette and a week later my hair is coppery orangy looking.

  21. Sutton looks the same, just a different hair color

  22. I don't understand why she's on this list. Just compare her to 99% of bravo people.

  23. It's bad, but I don't actively dislike anyone like I did Paget, Ciara, and Madison in season 1 of Sailing Yacht. This cast is just so forgettable. And calling it Adventure when all they're doing is riding their bikes slowly downhill, it's a joke. The fjords are the only reason I'm watching honestly.

  24. Georgia singing that same song over and over again is the thing that sticks out to me the most. Along with Jenna/Adam being annoying.

  25. When you get to 12 you should re-wear all of them to do the 12 days of Christmas.

  26. Does he play hockey?? I don’t watch his show to know

  27. But how is Peter Thomas going to find himself in Minnesota?

  28. That one surprised me too. It’s one of the cheapest bags and the one almost everyone starts with. She spent 80K on a party but buy buys fake designer wear? What’s up with that.

  29. Diiiiiid she spend 80k on a party? I wouldn't be surprised if we find out vendors/performers went unpaid.

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