1. Da, deja sunt la a treia tanti in trei orase. Daca mergi prin recomandare de la persoane ok si vezi pe cine vine la curatenie ca e ok, nu e stres. Dai un ban si stii o treaba. Mie imi vine o data la doua saptamani la curatenie, si decat sa stau eu sa curat 2 zile echivalentul cuiva profesionist care in 4 ore face chiar mai bine, prefer sa o las pe ea.

  2. Ar mai fi o variantă pe care a realizat orice programator de pe aici cu IQ-ul mai mare ca temperatura de fierbere a apei în Celsius:

  3. E mult mai inteligent decat credea lumea ca poate fi, si foarte repede. Oricine cu IQ-ul de care vorbesti si capacitate de proiectare exponentiala pe viitor intelege problemele.

  4. Nu e inteligent de loc. Chat gpt e un model statistic care îți dă cea mai probabil rezultat pe baza setului de antrenament. Ceea ce face el poți sa faci și tu cu o căutare pe google și 2 copy paste.

  5. Sounds good, dar studiul de la Microsoft spune ca face lucruri pe care ei nu inteleg cum poate sa le stie face, aka using tools si 3d landscaping si tot felul. Plus, ca e asa sau nu, in opinia mea deja a lasat cam jumate din programatori fara job datorita productivitatii pe care o aduce seniorilor, mai ales pe proiectele stil startup sau pe munca de junior/mid.

  6. nu vrei nici sa cadem in cealalta extreme, asa se zicea si despre masini, ca nu sunt drumuri pt ele, e un quote "the horse is here to stay", masinile doar un fad, la fel si despre electricitate, ca la ce e folositoare.

  7. Da, dar in cazul asta noi suntem caii.

  8. Those transitions almost gave me a stroke

  9. ChatGPT helped me with MongoDB (starting from 0 prior experience with it). Tracking down the correct online tutorials and following them would have certainly taken longer than just getting direct answers from ChatGPT to get something basic up and running.

  10. It has uses when you want a quick algo and are too lazy to write it yourself but beyond that, I wouldn’t say so. The only good-ish case is to integrate it into an app for sales purposes so you have it give you some json data, but even then he fucks it up and fails 50% of the times with various issues.

  11. cam asa e peste tot, cheia e sa te adaptezi si sa gasesti ceva cat de cat ok unde poti performa la in nivel de stres suportabil.

  12. Nu e asa peste tot, lmao. Eu in 12 ani nu am prins nicaieri asa, si am schimbat destule job-uri. Nu va mai justificati impostor syndrome si suferinta de kkt pe principiul ca asa e peste tot.

  13. You say that word, but i don’t think it means what they think it means.

  14. I hate things that remind me of my ex

  15. Atomic Habits it's a must, cea mai buna carte pe dezvoltare personala, am ascultuat-o initial dar am zis ca e necesar sa o citesc si sa iau notite si asta fac acum si iti recomand si tie! Spor!

  16. Si the power if habit e foarte buna, diferita dar in aceeasi idee.

  17. Nu cred ca faptul ca nu citesti cartile potrivite te tine captiva in starea asta. Trebuie sa iti corectezi stilul de viata: mananca sanatos si regulat, dormi cat trebuie si extreeeeem de important: fa miscare! Pentru mine a fost game changer. Nu exista “nu am energie sa fac sport”. Ai energie sa te ridici din pat pana in bucatarie? Inseamna ca ai energie sa faci 10 genuflexiuni si 10 abdomene. Nu trebuie sa incepi cu ceva extraordinar. Nu ai cum sa nu gasesti 15-20 de min pe zi sa te misti putin (sunt o groaza de clipuri pe youtube cu programe scurte de aerobic). Vei capata aceasta energie care iti lipseste cu un stil de viata adecvat. Succes! ;)

  18. De acord. Cred ca lucrul pentru care nu am fost pregatit realmente in copilarie, de care m-am lovit in perioada 22-27 de ani a fost ca la un moment dat bateria interna nu mai are energie “by default”, si trebuie sa faci sport, sa dormi la ore decente si sa mananci ok ca sa o incarci. Acum ca fac astea, game-changer indeed. Cardio-ul zilnic e cel mai bun lucru pentru asta.

  19. Yeah, that’s my issue as well. What jobs will be created that a middle-to-lower part of the intelligence spectrum people will be able to handle and GPT6 or whatever won’t? And besides that, since we live in capitalism, corporations that will be able to best leverage AI will grow and won’t have to pay people at all, or not much, since AI will take care of most positions, being overseen by a handful of people.

  20. Humanity will never stop finding ways to work itself to death. In the short term, jobs will be eliminated, but looking at the horizon, so many jobs will be created once our brains get tired of idle hands. Likewise, most jobs will be assisted by AI rather than completely replaced.

  21. In this context the consumers also have no money, because everyone from cashiers, legal reps, artists, content creators, tech support, call center people, potentially doctors, drivers, will be replaced for the most part. I see some partial socialism in the future with some form of universal income, otherwise those consumers won’t have anything to buy with.

  22. even a ucl win won't sugarcoat the fact that his tactics are non-existent

  23. maybe that’s a good thing, seeing how he’s won 2CL with us and people with great tactics like Klopp or Guardiola only won once or 0 times during the same period. It’s not all about the tactics.

  24. lol wtf do you mean it's not about tactics? then why the fuck do managers even exist? why not just let all the players run how they like?

  25. Look at how Real Madrid won the CL last year. Chelsea, City, Liverpool all had better “tactics” and managers who push for that, but they won with their relentlessness, spirit, and tactics that allow them to flourish individually and don’t limit players’ creativity like Modric or Vini (like what Barca does with all the horizontal passes).

  26. Can confirm, am avut o luna in care am ars the midnight oil fara probleme pe acolo cu abonamentul lor de rezident, doar sa fie pregatit op sa lase vreo 230 de euro + tva pentru asta.

  27. cum spunea inca cineva, 18 gym pascaly e non stop daca te ajuta.

  28. They were on airplane mode during their flight, but connected to wifi. When getting off they deactivate airplane mode and their location is updated

  29. I thought Grand Seiko is arguably the most highly finished (fine, maybe top 3) watch brands? How could a rep come anywhere near for $200 and change...

  30. Just fyi, there are some macro shots from Rmalti who make some GS homages in the

  31. Those watches are not any better than similarly-priced Seiko’s (better bracelets though). There are no good GS replicas. You would be better off buying a mod with a GS dial.

  32. I have a few and would have to disagree. The wooden dial and the white birch ones are wonderful.

  33. Because it’s nice. It’s not the only way to be happy. You seem to have a low IQ so i can’t explain to you that just because a thing is good, it’s not necessary for happiness. Like living in a city, having internet access, a dog, a girlfriend, whatever. You do you man

  34. I feel like being stuck in low MMR actively ruins your dota skills, like you have to intentionally do low IQ plays so your teammates have time to process what's happening, and you can't depend on them at all so you end up playing egoistic

  35. Yeah. It’s why I play AD these days, at least there you get some weird combos to compensate for the regardedness. In herald there’s very little support, tp’s into tower when you get jumped, teamfights in general or logic of teamfights, aka your pos 5 aghs-rushed witch doctor jumping into the frontlines and ulting just to be stunned 1 sec later.

  36. same, mi-am luat un ghiozdan de laptop calumea Wegner cu 100 euro in 2013. Si acum e ca nou si nu am motiv sa il schimb.

  37. Mi-am luat si eu un bobby hero antifurt si merg cu el pe avion de zici ca am teollerul cu mine. Incap o gramada de lucruri si e fosrte convenabil si bine facut.

  38. Recent mi-am luat ceva Garnier de barbalai, mic și verde. Eu tare fain.

  39. Eu recomand ori de la Vichy (desi sunt scumpe), ori de la Uriage eau thermale, mai este la 25-30 de lei la promitie pe cate un site ocazional. The shit.

  40. Yeah this is the 3rd try. I wonder if i can move the pip myself. This should be glued right?

  41. Try asking for another bezel from him, shouldn’t be much of a drag I’d say. The rest of the watch has some of the best index alignment i’ve seen on these.

  42. Eu i-as evita pe cei de la Andora. Atat eu cat si un prieten am avut experiente nasoale cu ei.

  43. Am lucrat si eu cu batranelul. Pentru un highend watch nu stiu daca as merge la el, dar in rest pentru mecanisme comune sau scurtat de bratari e ok si rapid.

  44. Lol I've been boarding for 6 days and already don't have a single issue avoiding people that are stopped even on blue runs. If you can't avoid someone that's been stopped well before you got to him you shouldn't be off the bunny slopes. Honestly most of my issues have been out of control 6 year olds on blues who come flying down on skis and probably don't belong there because they don't comprehend the danger of blindsiding someone with 0 warning.

  45. You still have the highly intelligent people who stop right behind a rise in the slope so you can only see them from 3m away after passing over said rise.

  46. Definitely one I’ve considered… very low key and elegant. What’s the mm on this one? 42?

  47. Aceasta functionalitate se poate obtine folosind platformele de hosting a site-urilor statice free forever cu unlimited bandwidth: Github Pages, Cloudflare Pages, etc care permit hosting gratuit unlimited cu subdomenii/domenii știute doar de tine. Problema e că api-ul nu este ceea ce te asteptai; Un request de tip POST la o rută făcută de tine pt file upload. Rămâne la competența ta tehnică cum automatizezi procesul de commit / upload, însă nu va fi prin metode convenționale, asta-i clar… ci niște hack-uri.

  48. AWS e gratis primul an in niste limite care par ca se potrivesc cu ce face baiatu’

  49. Your example shows exactly why it doesn't make sense to use PPP.

  50. China can’t produce one very important thing though, which is food, importing about 70% pf what they eat.

  51. I-auzi, lucrezi 3 ore facturezi 8, secretul programatorilor independenti. De parca clientul nu s-ar prinde ca lucrezi doar 3 ore pe zi cand lucrezi intr-o echipa si ceilalti livreaza mai mult

  52. Dar daca si ceilalti sunt vanzatori profesionali noncrabi you’re good.

  53. It's fake. They edited the sky in. You can see the lift is running. And there are no lights on this trail.

  54. Yeah, you can’t get long exposure like this while snowboarding lel.

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