1. What website did you find the first rug on? I found that exact same one in a store recently.

  2. If I recall correctly it was from a dealer on Etsy. I just searched red Afghan rugs and it was somewhere in there

  3. I like the first one because it has a bit more contrast, and the white accent compliments the wall/cabinetry color.

  4. I was leaning to this conclusion also. Thanks!

  5. OP is this house up near Dallas? I think I did the electrical.

  6. Look like one of those fuzzy spiders

  7. If I had 6k coming in every month for the rest of my life, I would retire

  8. Much of the building materials where shipped into the states from a 15th century English manor. Estimated cost to build in 1908 was $2M. Today it would be about $30M

  9. Imagine paying sunken cost utilities on this piece of garbagio

  10. I’ve saw your photos before I remember because I am obsessed with all of the rooms you post !! Also because I’m having my walla painted Alabaster in a few weeks and I remember seeing the photo of your foyer made me second and third guess my Choice. But creepily o just scrolled thru your page again and I’m back to loving alabaster

  11. Thank you ☺️ you will love your Alabaster. It’s a way to do white without too much of a super white modern edge, if that makes sense. It’s soft and just warm enough to make me think of a white that’s been in a house for 100 years.

  12. What does the room look like when the lights you usually use are on? What about at night? Those factors will play a major role in the way the colors interact.

  13. Typically it stays low lit with lamps.

  14. Mixing woods is fine just be sure that you keep formals styles with formal styles etc.

  15. An ugly house seemingly built to mock 14th century manor houses. A good number of medieval houses had multiple gables on one side, but this is utter failure. It could never be a Northborough, Great Chalfield or Stokesay.

  16. 100% agree. And it’s a shame that with today’s technology a manor could be built to standard. But this here is just utter foolery

  17. I was just going through Redfin. I think I found this home’s younger brother:

  18. Indeed. Garbage doesn’t fall too far from the can

  19. Me buying tomorrow. That’ll break it.

  20. Speaking from experience here - Alabaster is a great choice for exterior given that the natural light takes out a lot of the warmth that would normally be seen if it was on your interior walls. It will be a soft white and not creamy (unless it snows) then you’ll see the difference against the blinding snow. Keep your LRV below 85 whatever you do

  21. I love how you gave the lamp a boost. Really changes the flow around the mirror!

  22. Thank you! Yes, these little tea tables are so handy for things like this!

  23. SW Alabaster on the walls and SW Pure white on the trim. The contrast definitely shows the warmth of alabaster, much more that we realized.

  24. If it were me, I would keep it to 2 main exterior cladding materials if at all possible, stucco would not make the cut. Brick 80%, stone 20% is a fair starting point. Stone areas that make sense, like gables that could be interpreted as a later expansion. Keep it balanced throughout though with the stone. Not too much on one side etc and if you can treat the back of the house the same. Coordination is key. One last thing- since you have gables, consider flush rakes or for lack of better words, no over hang. That’ll give you a grand modern vibe with plenty of homage to old English influences.

  25. Word of mouth and reputation. One of the best builders in our town never had a advertisement campaign or social media. His name said it all, has a waiting list 2-3 years out

  26. Decoration, but idk why tf they’d do that and break up the nice sweeping soffit line they made. Looks like a mistake honestly

  27. That’s what I was thinking also. I’ve found these on a handful of homes and makes me wonder if it’s a rouge builder making a mistake or just a style they have adopted along the way

  28. Lawsuit from hell coming, no pun intended

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