How my fiancé eats Mcnuggets

I'm in this with you.

Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

*Lowers face into palm*

Hold up, what was that?

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  1. hihgju gid ir same demaster scunk dream ham stir more must've liked getting wet n assssss

  2. Bro, I think you've hit the high. Now head off to

  3. This is so old it's become a classic, always gets a upvote tho.

  4. From where I'm standing Earth is the biggest planet, all the others are just specs in the sky ;-)

  5. No it's not a sport but watching people fall for satire definitely is.

  6. Bro has ankles and knees made out of springs.

  7. What are they liberating people from?

  8. Or you set the variables incorrectly. That's why when downloading files I always use a marquee, can't be bothered to write a few extra lines of code to calculate the end.

  9. Everytime I see this posted I don't get how people think it's real.

  10. Was probably also taking the entire set’s money on poker night

  11. She has a look and a voice that hypnotises me, she could leave me homeless and I'd be thanking her.

  12. Most them will subscribe, but scream in the streets about it.

  13. So how many red states will vote blue?

  14. I'd start paying it late on the first every month lol

  15. I really don't get this mentality, do you think you are owed a house or something?

  16. I'm sorry, do you not think housing is a right?

  17. The government can give you a house fine, but if you choose to rent then why are you hating on a landlord that's running a business? Go fight your government.

  18. It depends on the country you are in I suppose. In the Netherlands it's fine.

  19. Oprah doing it and Robin shutting her down within a heartbeat!

  20. That's believable to be fair. My daughter eats the crust then the chicken with Kerrie sauce.

  21. People that go to violence over discussion deserve what they get. Hope both are locked up.

  22. I blame the designers of that particular highway. He's gotta enter from the right and exit immediately to the left.

  23. Agreed, it really is bad design. Dude had no choice.

  24. Kind of says it all when you know there are multiple versions of the so called word of God.

  25. Well maybe if the Hindus and Buddhists had spent centuries trying erase people's cultures then they'd say something, but hey the Christians win this hands down.

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