1. Oh right. I had heard about the vfa before. Something to do with playing games on Sunday or only Saturdays.

  2. Shame Fitzroy didn't have one for like five minutes.

  3. now find the website for University

  4. More AFL/cricket wars - really should keep his mouth shut. As if the MCG is going to become a Marvel and quiet word from the club to the curator would have fixed than airing his public laundry

  5. Whatever - just keep my comment in mind in general - the MCG is already being used 60/40 for AFL when it should be the other way around

  6. i want the video from that staff member recording at the top of the stairs

  7. Inner suburbs (carlton, fitzroy, collingwood, richmond) were poorer areas mid century and after ww2 is where immigrants lived in the smaller worker cottages.

  8. Stocker also never had an injury free pre season. This has been his first full pre season and he looks like he’s doing very well. Stocker is ahead of Cowan currently if you watch their individual games.

  9. Cowan is a first year player, Stocker is a fifth year player.

  10. Yes, however, u just said Cowan is better? My point was at the moment stocker is better, and it was silly to let him go because we are going for a flag now. I’m sure over a career Cowan will be better. But we need players who can have a positive impact right now.

  11. And the downside is we play on it on Thursday night again, 4 days after it has just hosted 4 games this weekend.

  12. I’m sure I saw a study that showed kids wearing soft helmets went in harder and engaged in more risky behaviour because of the false sense of security

  13. Like boxing, with gloves people stopped breaking their hands punching people in the head, so it reduced broken jaws but increased repeated blows to the head with longer fights and more brain rattling.

  14. buddy is well known for his white line fever

  15. afl media don't give a shit about youtube

  16. all lined up, just need a [censored] to [censored] through them

  17. "some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses" - Tom Morello, poet

  18. make less mistakes and the other team won't get frees

  19. Biggest mistake Carlton made was moving to marvel.and not upgrading Princes Park. Cats are wise to keep upgrading Kardinia Park and play as many games as possible their with the big games eg V Pies, Tigers Blues Bombers at the G. Note Carlton does still sometimes play in Geelong we won a game down their a couple of years ago

  20. We had other upgrades planned and one proposal included an underground carpark The capacity was intended to increase

  21. Yes, along with light towers which the council knocked back for decades for night games (incidentally we have them now no worries thanks to aflw) and upgrades to bring the ground to 40-45k capacity, then suddenly the afl announced docklands as a 50k stadium right as our first phase of the project ends.

  22. Last year we were all about pressure and tackling, the other night we lost the tackle count by a fair bit.

  23. Just to note, each week I will be closing the votes from 9pm the next night, so any comments after that will not be counted.

  24. imo going forward extend it to at least two days, i often don't vote til after ive watched the replay a day or two later

  25. So that's why Harry slipped, might as well reverse Thursdays score and give it to Carlton

  26. he did slip right on the edge of the new stuff

  27. I am surprised they didn't do a hybrid of turf and artificial as by sowing it into the ground it could have helped with the turf being so soft.

  28. it is semi artificial, it is a hero turf:

  29. Did a fucking shit job if that is the case, NFL use it and it is usually fairly solid.

  30. it was literally laid down 5 days before round 1 began

  31. My wife told me it looks like a woman’s legs spread with a massive vagina… I can’t unsee it now

  32. It seems to me that now his influence is starting to wane in Australia. Last few state elections and the fed election have not gone Ruperts way

  33. His mum lived to the ripe old age of 103, so if he inherited her genes (and not Keiths, who died at 67) he could still be around for another 10 years.

  34. has the best health money can buy too

  35. Someone on twitter came up with a diagram, it'd have been a ~70m kick for LOB had he kicked it after his first bounce, as harry was still in line with the goalsquare before he led to the wing as LOB came closer.

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