Women's armpit hair is actually pretty cute.

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  1. Still, thank you for not going to theme parks without masks on

  2. I think it ruins the experience.

  3. Yes I would imagine the risk of catching a virus would certainly hinder the experience. Especially if others are not wearing masks

  4. I had Corona 2 months ago. Wasn't a big deal for me. I'm very lucky.

  5. Giant fake boobs plus a shitty attitude. Yep she's coming towards the wall rapidly.

  6. Although it could backfire:

  7. My brother told me that you shouldnt shave your ass, because the hairs could grow in and getting them out could be harmfull to you dick/balls. Was that older brother trolling, or was he trying to save me?

  8. He Will bring us the future.

  9. Holy shit No that was an accident.

  10. I would think someone who supports the troops would be angry at even the possibility of those being true.

  11. A lot of people want to fight american soldiers so what We have the biggest military.

  12. How fucking big is that?

  13. I have a great business idea. I need 100 yards of rope a kite, some Mexican whiskey and a key of coca.

  14. You do know where they moved right?

  15. "Bah bah, take that you stupid plastic cunt"I

  16. I would forth the upvote but I'm shaving my arm pits

  17. It depends if I pay for everything or not. If we split the bills then yes we split the house chores. But if I pay for everything start sweeping sweetie.

  18. "Did you just touch my boob?"

  19. You know you can just force yourself to stand correctly. You don't have to spend money on it.

  20. Anything worthwhile is going to be challenging.

  21. Two 🧸🧸 with rock hard 🐓🐓

  22. Make sure you know who to vote for in November.

  23. Oh God no. That boi is dead.

  24. I misspelled Corona but thanks for calling out the edit: lol @ Dad for making sure everyone plays fair.

  25. If you have a penis you can compet with other penis carrying people.

  26. What's your thoughts on 5.7 I'm thinking about selling mine?

  27. I’m not a huge fan. That being said I will keep it because I am a huge collector so I don’t sell my guns. If I spent the time to get better sights on it I might like it more

  28. I hear you The sights on mine are fucking garbage. And I have the adjustable ones.

  29. Welcome to the conservative party sir. I'm kidding but yes. taxes are mother fucker. And the more you make the more they take.

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