1. Idk just wondering how it was all created then

  2. How about learning a little bit of science?

  3. I was never really sure what my dad did for a living - he never talked about his work, and he never took me to his work. I don’t think he liked me very much.

  4. This song drove me to suicidal thoughts.

  5. When you’ve sacrificed all of your relationships and your career for a set of imaginary conspiracies and a gaggle of right wing grifters and you refuse to admit you’re wrong even a little bit, you tend to end up in such a place.

  6. I think it's different for me because God would be outside of time and space and so it's easier to comprehend God not needing a cause.

  7. If god is outside time and space, why should we care?

  8. Does God being outside of time/space mean that God can't influence things that are inside of time/space?

  9. I mean, you can make up all the bullshit you want to, but until there’s evidence for your claim it remains bullshit.

  10. interesting that Rather's strange encounter would make it into pop culture. Daniel Clowes, who wrote Ghost World and Art School Confidential, made reference to the phrase in his comic "Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron" - I believe before the REM song came out. But I'm not sure.

  11. The Try Guys have been deafeningly silent on this issue.

  12. Part of me hoped that this would be a Led Zeppelin cover.

  13. Myself, I would like the deets of that person in the light blue dress.

  14. I was born an atheist, and nothing I ever heard, read, or experienced convinced me that a god (or gods) exists.

  15. When they die, the Boomers will complain to god about their property lines in heaven.

  16. I used to lie on my bed, listen to this album, and cry. I only figured out why a few years ago.

  17. That’s their secret: they’re always melting down.

  18. A damn fine washer/dryer combo. You’ll love it sweetheart - you’ll have more time to watch your stories.

  19. Duke Ellington once said that there’s only two kinds of music - good and bad.

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