1. Just 100,000? Dude, your karma game is weak. See ya.

  2. DJ Shadow samples lines from it in Entroducing - I always want to watch it again when I hear it.

  3. This needs to be on a ten hour loop with a track from Koyaanisqatsi.

  4. Listen Like Thieves is peak INXS, imo.

  5. This and Emergency! are the shows I would watch by myself when I was single digits.

  6. This is the one gun replica I want to own.

  7. I was surprised to see this so far down the list. Especially given Kedis’ history -wow.

  8. There is a purpose. We have evolved by, and for the purpose of, propagating our species, i.e. passing on our genes.

  9. Grandma needs to work on her reading comprehension.

  10. Huge Bowie fan,got to see him live in 1983–but didn’t know about this short film

  11. I recorded and watched that short film incessantly.

  12. Gee, thank you for not trying to change my mind, as if I would in any way welcome or tolerate the attempt.

  13. Do it or don’t do it, just shut the fuck up about it.

  14. Sorry lads, the boys were wrong on this one. LOTR are excellent and have aged well.

  15. Merchant adores LOTR. He just doesn’t want his glasses nicked again and called “nerdlinger”.

  16. This was peak Triumph, aka the poor man’s Rush.

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