1. I ... actually don't think the offense would be far away the best in the NBA with that roster. It would definitely be great though.

  2. Top 5 maybe? If you're running 5-out with KP then that opens the floor for the rest of the lineup to go berserk. Also hopefully with some help that would allow Beal take a lesser but more efficient load.

  3. They have no playoff experience together as a core and are awful on defense for a playoff team, I don’t think its disrespectful to want to play a relatively young/inexperienced team that’s bad on defense

  4. What's nuts is that Monk and Huerter have better synergy with Sabonis than Fox does.

  5. During Bjorkgren's single season as the head coach he ran a lot more action through Sabonis and coincidentally he posted what were at the time his career highs in points and assists.

  6. Reading all of these comments was incredibly fucking draining, Jesus.

  7. It's been La Bodeguita for the past couple of years

  8. What's the concert list you can get into this year with a pin? Saw it briefly and don't remember it fully but remember it being underwhelming.

  9. Line-ups used to be so much better 5 years ago

  10. Man this is miles better from what we had last year - I'm pumped

  11. It's fine for what it is - just don't go in expecting authentic cuisine.

  12. You're thinking too simply. We don't absolutely NEED better guards. We have Hali, Mathurin, and Nembhard who are or could be absolute studs for us.

  13. That just sort of ignores that it's by-and-large a smaller league and a bench of Nembhard-Buddy-Nesmith is entirely workable.

  14. Obi Toppin with the expectation of taking on Fournier's dead money.

  15. Who's going to trade a forward for Buddy Hield though?

  16. The Pacers' basic premise for trading for Nwora was that he was better than he was able to show while stuck behind a logjam of talented forwards on the Bucks. It was nice to see him have a good game, but my opinion is about the same. I think he should be a pretty good backup with more playing time and some development, but I already thought that.

  17. Poor Duarte probly the odd man out. I see him getting traded this summer.

  18. I don't disagree with that notion but it's still strange that we'd be trading him over Buddy Hield (but then again, Duarte's got more value).

  19. I still wonder what Dame himself wants at this point in his career, I feel he's all talk and actually enjoys the no pressure situation in Portland, someone called him the "Harry Kane" of the NBA

  20. Him, Beal, Gordon Hayward - those guys are laughing all the way to the bank.

  21. Not everybody - as you mentioned plenty of people thought this has been a waste of Dame's prime.

  22. First round picks have fairly tightly defined salaries and increases over the course of four years, while second rounders can be signed for less and with fewer mandatory years.

  23. A first round contract has team options, a second round contract has to be negotiated, so I'll take the first any day of the week.

  24. I guess it just depends on how good that player is?

  25. I guess it just depends on how good that player is?

  26. I liked Ollie’s burger just fine, but that and the fries goes cold FAST and it’s just like any other burger after that.

  27. You aren't wrong - tried a few times to bring the food back to whoever I'm eating it with and there is a drop-off.

  28. I've seen Jay's enough to where it's on my list to try.

  29. Sell me on Cam Whitmore, particularly on why he could be a better prospect than Jarace Walker or Taylor Hendricks.

  30. They were never going to throw games. We have plenty of draft capital to move up in the draft.

  31. That implies having a trade partner who wants to trade down - easier said than done.

  32. Sell me on Cam Whitmore, particularly on why he could be a better prospect than Jarace Walker or Taylor Hendricks.

  33. Right? I grew up around J mall and that area has grown so much. At risk of sounding old, I remember when Jefferson Blvd wasn't there, it was just the hobby lobby building there (can't remember what it was) and it was Krogers and the strip malls near it.

  34. The whole strip mall next to JMall is nicer than actual JMall, hah.

  35. Then subsidize those stores with tax incentives until more development crops up to make them financially viable.

  36. That's probably easier said than done, especially if those downtown locations suffer from shrinkage.

  37. Isn't Spectrum WFH? Don't work there so can't comment but I feel like I've seen it before.

  38. And Louisville has Ohio River three eyed catfish and the depressing hot brown. Louisville food scene is sub-par and mediocre at best. There is just nothing else to do in the city except eat, drink, horses.

  39. So why were you high on a guy that couldn’t even pass 50% on his free throws, he’s always been a terrible shooter ‘hustle guy’.

  40. He was one of the only big wings projected high in a draft that didn't have any big wings. He also shot passably from 3 in the Israeli league and one of his biggest strengths before the draft (secondary playmaking hub) was never going to work next to Westbrick.

  41. The real question now is who can come up with some interesting mock trades for TJ McConnell.

  42. Andrew is showing some excellent skill in these recent games. He can set the table, allow others to eat and eat himself (that 3 in the last minute last night, perfection!) whilst also playing defense.

  43. It makes a lot more sense to build around Nembhard as a backup PG instead of TJ especially with Nemby being on a rookie deal.

  44. TJ has value as a backup PG for a contender. It’s hard to imagine what the specific package would be like, but a contending team that needs a backup PG next year would absolutely ship off a promising young player for TJ (similar to the Jalen/Nesmith deals).

  45. Yeah I need to see specific deals - I love TJ, I want to see him on a contender, but I think he'd get abused in the playoffs due to his size and lack of a 3-point shot. That makes it kind of difficult to trade him along with his salary.

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