1. Payroll systems are designed to exploit workers. You clock in and out and trust that the system has accurately recorded your time. I have never worked in an hourly wage job that gave me a daily receipt of my work. I used to be confused or think I was misremembering when my bi-weekly check was lower than I thought it would be. But in reality, my manager was shaving off hours from my check every week so the company did not have to pay me as much overtime. I started keeping my own records but when I confronted my manager he gaslit me and told me I was crazy. But I remember that he had the police waiting for one of my co-workers the day he came to pick up his last paycheck after he quit because they thought, with no proof, that he had stolen something.

  2. Does your pay stub not tell you how many hours you're being paid for? Pretty sure thats legally required.

  3. Yes, a paystub does, but if your wages are being stolen by the company reducing the number of hours you actually worked the paystub shows the company’s hours they are paying you for, not the hours you actually worked!

  4. I have a phone interview for mine tomorrow

  5. Thank you for elevating this issue! I watched your video and would like to offer some constructive feedback. I would suggest you cite your sources and and give more concert examples of safety violations and abuse of workers. Great that you are advocating for these issues and trying to give your fellow workers agency.

  6. Yes imam bayildi translated as the imam fainted. If you like eggplant it’s a great dish! This recipe seems pretty solid:

  7. The biggest problem is that normal American eggplants are too big, try to find Japanese eggplants.

  8. Nice! Shieldbreaker is my favorite character, hope she comes to DD2

  9. 100%! Also large armies should NOT be able to sail! Forcing you to travel overland would make things much more interesting and historically accurate!

  10. I have been talking about and reading Greek and Norse mythology with my 7 year old daughter. I told her that humans in the past made up these stories to explain the world around them, but now we know how lightning is formed and don’t think it’s Thor! This has worked well with her Christian classmates who tell her about Jesus. She thinks about Jesus like one of the Greek or Norse gods. She really like reading about gods, monsters and magic, so rather than saying “there is no god” I just ask her to think about it and she naturally compares Christian myths to Norse and Greek. Also I told her church is boing and that did the trick!

  11. Great question! I think I’m a pretty good player (at least an experienced one) and I’m surprised how often I die even when I think I made all the right choices.

  12. Very excited! I’m glad you have lived and worked in China and are taking this topic on. Good luck! Look forward to listening!

  13. Just looked in my podcast app, Overcast, and could not find it. Can you add it to Overcast?

  14. Also not seeing this in Castbox but I'm excited to listen in.

  15. Can you make marriage alliances to the top leaders? Also can you make some of the most powerful independent? Also if you can arrest anyone with them revolting do that. That will weaken them, you have a lot of $ so hire mercenaries and crush the rest.

  16. Congratulations! It took me an embarrassing more time to beat A20!

  17. This is a great discussion with Yanis Varoufakis about alternative to work/ future of work:

  18. Can you start 10 to 15 minutes late or leave early and have that time “rounded up”? Because otherwise this is 100% wage theft.

  19. I remember I work a job where if you logged in 9 mins after the hour and logged off 9 minutes before he hour you still got paid for the whole hour. And knowing that was true I never logged out until I knew I was not getting paid. But they changed the system because they saw what we were doing…

  20. I work at a public university and they are 100% doing this. We (the staff) worked so hard during the height of the pandemic, and we got zero and thanks or $. And now that everyone is being forced out or quitting due to burnout we are not rehiring ( other then new deans)!

  21. What if the goal of your business was not to maximize profits but provide for your employees and community? Like a coop…

  22. The pope is unlanded and I control all of Italia. And my Italian vassals are at peace! What gives?

  23. How did you unland the Pope? He is my vassal but I can't revoke his last county because it says that I can't leave him with the papal duchy title and no lands.

  24. I conquered Rome. Since the pope is a hostile faith he lost his title instead of becoming my vassal

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