1. Just be very careful of the housing lottery. Just cuz you got the notification doesn’t guarantee a unit

  2. I I have the same issue with mine I bought it in December 2020. I contacted Kef but they said to me that they are not aware of this problem. I'm a little bit disappointed. My cheap bleuthooh speaker works better than my 2400€ hifi system with Spotify. I'm close to send them for guarantee . Does your problem fixed?

  3. Agree im shocked by anyone saying nyc is short on Indian. Murray hill has at least five great spots, also Benares in Tribeca is as good as anything I’ve had on Brick Lane in London.

  4. American Indian / there is no authentic Indian food easily available in manhattan. The few places are pr machine run American palate soothing spots. No Indian person eats anything at home remotely close to the offerings in restaurants

  5. Interesting, the majority of my coworkers are Indian and everybody goes wild for Benares on team lunches. Do you think it’s possibly regional? I haven’t yet visited India to know the true comparison myself but from what I gather that it’s easier to find Rajasthan and Punjab (northern and western) cuisines here than southern like keralan.

  6. If you know how to cook you will find the food lacking as you can make a better meal at home if all else is equal.

  7. https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/19/16502790/august-home-acquisition-assa-abloy

  8. go to your August app > Settings (gear icon) > Lock Settings > Auto Lock > Re Lock timing = change the value in minutes to what you would like it to be

  9. That isn’t an albo but a Thai constellation

  10. The best North Indian food you’ll eat is in Jackson heights. Go to a restaurant called angel Indian.

  11. Should have put some milk before. I think this is a revelation (automatic cappuccinos ftw )

  12. New species of channeling has been discovered post this upload

  13. Call them and setup a return. You don’t need the box, you’ll have to take it to a Ups store when they give you a return reference number and ups will box it for you and give you a.m tracking number which you’ll need to enter on a website showing your return is on its way and you’ll get your refund but do it before 30 days

  14. Yes. And the outsourced bucket of excuses and inabilities has been more of a farce than the actual product.

  15. save all your receipts. when turo gives you a prelim total loss quote submit your repair invoices to claim them as refurbishments.

  16. Could you elaborate a little more on this please ? Does the refurbishment additions add up on top of the claim compensation

  17. Looks good. Need to bump up your flames a bit to get a quick puff and crisp. 400 degree oil leads to really good flavor and color on the puri

  18. Id look into your credit card return protection, many credit card companies offer that protection on purchases for 90 days up to a 300$ price. If your card does then its great and you can look at options including UDM base and an AP.

  19. https://nypost.com/2016/11/27/colombian-artists-12-foot-cat-sculpture-finds-a-home-in-soho-hotel/

  20. This looks like Mustela putorius :)

  21. oh my, is that an alien species :P

  22. Yall are too kind, many thanks. I have let her know and if anybody knows a ferret rescue in and around NYC please do feel free to let me know, My research showed the New York Ferret Rescue is closed and i couldnt find a rescue or a place that would shelter this guy

  23. So following logic. It was up and they took it down. As of my post it was not online

  24. Aah i'm in the UK but i figured they would release it only a few hours before it airs in the US, honestly i was just excited to see if it had been updated, i don't plan on watching the episode until tomorrow as Netflix AUS doesn't have subtitles which i always have on!😂& with the VPN enabled the quality isn't that great (atleast for me)

  25. Hahah I’m in the same boat as you in terms of subtitles

  26. Just got surfshark and tried and can’t find the show on multiple devices and profiles in the same account

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