1. My hot take is that I love the batfam but am at best ambivalent toward batman

  2. I set mine as Cyclops and don't intend to change it until there is some badass Cyclops variant avatar released.

  3. And I'll have Shang Chi in my hand, but I'll be revealing first since they lagged behind after the previous round.

  4. I really love tactics games like FFT and the likes but haven’t been able to find one I enjoyed in a while.

  5. So disappointed with Triangle Strategy. They would have two five minute cut scenes in a row, with both being different characters relaying the same story beats to different factions. Or waiting for a characters response to just be "..." after nothing for 30 sec.

  6. Also the same people who keep wanting Atlanta to build more housing

  7. Could be just my echochamber, but I have never met anyone that wants more housing in atlanta. We have enough we just want it cheaper.

  8. I mean, its effectively the same thing as putting blue marvel there or something. And that seems to be pretty common

  9. Could be better. You can't play Enchantress against Okoye

  10. Most likely just input the win count into the wrong variable in the code, and win percentage is calculated after that.

  11. I’d spend every working minute of those 7 days applying for a new job at literally any other tech company

  12. Been there, done that. Applying for jobs and practicing interview coding challenges. What're they gonna do? Fire me sooner?

  13. I'll have to tune in to season 21 then! I was trying to watch it all through, and really got stuck in 16 when I would go entire episodes without a laugh. It just wasn't my style anymore.

  14. Because that's hypocritical. You support others getting long term brain damage by contributing to the fan base.

  15. Just because I don’t mind something existing and potentially take pleasure in its existence, does not mean I should want to tie myself to that thing personally.

  16. I don't think the example you just gave is related to either example we'd given previously. This recent example is like "I like watching a sport but I don't like playing it." The football example read to me as "I'm okay with others being negatively affected by something, but I'm not okay with it affecting my life."

  17. She has already been in office. Democrats and anti-MAGA republicans aren’t going to “topple the government” because they respect the democratic process despite its imperfections. If you’re voting for her, you’re supporting her views, period.

  18. It seems like republicans and their elected officials actively try to make federal government fail in order to be able to point at it as an example on why more things should be privatized. That commentor is just saying it out loud.

  19. WOAH never lost interest in a game so quickly.

  20. I'm okay with season pass. Usually I never beat the original game, so the additional content isn't really for me anyway.

  21. This is an awesome example of dragon con.

  22. I think the combat is probably what most people won’t like about this game but I feel like once you get used to the way it works it should be ok… not great but not horrible… it feels a lot like Valhalla in regards to just chaos coming from every direction and I just got done playing Arkham Knight before this dropped so that doesn’t help

  23. To me it feels a lot like Spider-Man games. Both the combat and the game as a whole.

  24. Their ultimate downfall would be at the hands of a color-coded puzzle

  25. Always surprised how post like this don't get many comments, granted I don't frequent reddit "much" but Hella damn good job!! 👌

  26. It's definitely a specific group of folk that would like this, and sometimes there isn't more to say than an upvote, so I get the lack of comments.

  27. Possibly "Crown circlet." unless you want the exact shape of the design, in which case it likely doesn't have a particular name

  28. just like how “white twink” is used now on twitter 😒😒😒 (they want to say faggot)

  29. I keep seeing people saying "white gays/twinks/etc" to get away with homophobia. They'll follow it up with something ubiquitous to gays but they said "white" so now it's fine, because if you try to contradict them you'll sound like a supremacist.

  30. Yea, that whole story-line is really weird. Leave no one behind and stick together! Except you broke your ankle, sucks to suck, hope you die, cya!

  31. This actually is pretty accurate to being an "other" in a small community. Folks talk about community and family until you differ from the norm.

  32. That's not her true first appearance (though it is the same issue). Her first appearance is

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