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  1. Having been in a similar position you may want to consider the IR-04, which will have more manageable bottom splits that you may be able to compete in. Otherwise I would just keep plugging along with the Skippy, since there’s no reason to jump to C class+ (featuring longer races and no fast repair) if you’re still struggling with D class.

  2. Hearing everyone talk about how any idiot can get a win at Dega and then staring at the graveyard of P15s I’ve racked up this week on account of wrecks stings but what can you do? Go outside or spend time with my family?

  3. If you cross the finish line before green, it gives a much harsher penalty. In this case he didn't though. So indeed, it probably is best to just go. Less chance of getting caught in a wreck if you're 2 seconds clear of the field.

  4. Yeah it didn’t quite work out for them (believe they finished several laps down) but this race was particularly disastrous on lap 1 so it wasn’t the worst idea I’ve ever seen considering they were already on the hook for a penalty

  5. Unreal, Quake, Need For Speed, Jedi Knight, Interstate 76, Hexen.... What a time

  6. God I loved I76, even on my clunky PC

  7. Of these I’ve only raced the trucks so they got my vote, but the 87 NASCARs (I drive the Buick) are my personal favorite

  8. Weirdly no option for “The series I’m racing is running the track and I don’t own it”, which is as much of a general strategy as I employ

  9. It was the last lap but this group was like 10-14th which just makes it more egregious IMO.

  10. I mean 10-14th is that borderline between positive and negative IR gain in a full split, so there’s at least some stakes/reason to fight for it (which isn’t to justify the move, just the idea of racing hard for a mid-pack finish)

  11. Bruh what irating are you where 10th gets you points now. I can't go up at all unless I'm below 5th basically.

  12. I’m usually hovering between 1000 and 1500 like most of the schmopes on the service. That said, it’s not that 10th always gets you IR, just that it’s reliable in full oval splits (which are 20-24 cars).

  13. This is hard and almost depends on the race. If it’s something that runs hourly or less then I’d probably rather wreck early since you’re not quite as invested. But for the races that are less frequent the early wreck is a dagger because all of the anticipation and practice for the race is wasted and you don’t even get another shot quickly (if at all that day/evening).

  14. Put me allllll the way at the bottom of the queue since you’ve already done the Trevor livery on a few cars at my request but I’m having a vision of a 1980’s Def Jam/Run-DMC livery for the 1987 Buick

  15. Oh man you’re a legend! Thank you!

  16. Always on in practice, though which setting depends on the purpose of practice - usually either all time opt sector or session last lap (if I’m practicing an oval long run). I never use it in a race, the relative box is all I need to see to know how well I’m keeping pace.

  17. Follow up question - what’s the quickest series to farm SR in ovals? I’m trying to get out of D Class at the moment. I’m D2.70 and 1200 iRating. Just won my 3rd race in Late Models, and enjoy that… but want to the get to the Cup Cars.

  18. It’s hard to farm SR in ovals at D class, the fast repair availability means people can drive aggressively. You’re almost better off doing the Rookie 34 Legends races so you can have smaller fields. Once you get to C class you can run the open truck races which are longer and tend to be clean. I haven’t run any Xfinity races (I do the NASCAR Legends at B class) but I suspect the open races are similarly clean there.

  19. Good night sweet prince 😢😢😢

  20. Thanks for sharing this, saved me and my wife a ton of money over the 4 day CLE pass we were going to have to buy just to go Saturday

  21. Im a trans woman who recently came out to her 7 year old. You seem to have done a nice job with a tricky subject, especially with little time to prepare (I was able to plan, buy books, etc.).

  22. You’re gonna ride into Valhalla for this one, strong work as always

  23. As an added bonus if you get a GT4 you can also race the IMPC 2 hour multi class series 6 times a season (including this weekend)

  24. I would love to have better info during a race. I can't always tell who is someone I'm racing for position. I need to check all the settings to see if there's any way to see race position.

  25. There’s an option to have a relative display in the black box. Will even show you who has lapped your (red) vs. who you’ve lapped (blue), with the colors darkening if it’s more than one lap. I think it’s a shame that iRacing doesn’t press people to use it more and instead has the black box default to the pretty useless Lap Timing screen.

  26. Agreed. The only time I switch off the relative box is to see how much time is left or to uncheck tires on the grid. Otherwise the relative is always there.

  27. I’ll also sometimes make a last lap/late in the race exception, where knowing just how quickly the car is closing behind me isn’t helpful relative to the amount of time left in the race (since it’s only going to crank up my nerves) but otherwise yes, except when I’m in a pit/safety car situation it’s always the relative display.

  28. You’ll get pretty far with a $200 a year budget - hell, you can just race rookies for the subscription fee forever. That said, to maximize spending money outside of rookies, pick a discipline (eg open wheel, oval, etc.) and a popular series within it, then check the official forum to see if they have info about the tracks they will run the next few seasons (or if you buy one of the NASCARs you generally just follow the schedule). You may even be able to buy two cars with some track overlap, and maybe qualify for a second participation credit.

  29. I’d try to stick with one car that runs either lots of free tracks or repeats the same tracks a lot. USF is 50% free tracks and Skippy seems to frequent the same places.

  30. My thing about the Skippy is it runs a lot of tracks that aren’t popular in other series. So if you are looking to maximize value by buying tracks that’ll scale across series it’s not the best bang for buck.

  31. I totally agree with you. I don’t understand Why people were harsh on him. In 2nd season with Arsenal he scored 16 goals in all competitions and he still got abused by everyone .

  32. People were harsh on him because his transfer was fraudulent and a black eye for the club and he was perceived as blocking young players behind him. If either of those two things isn’t true things go smoother for Pepe, but both being true was his downfall.

  33. Lolll they literally make you watch a video about the importance of sportsmanship and giving space before they even let you play online this is nonsense

  34. Thanks - I was, in fact, waiting on the guide for this week!

  35. Don’t fight the cars coming up behind you for position until it’s winning time (which depends on the type of race but figure last 2-5 laps). If they are actually faster than you then chances are you’ll be able to follow them and snatch a position from someone else in the process. If they just got lucky on one lap and are being reckless with speed/tires then they’ll give up the position again later.

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