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  1. What do you use crushed eggshells for? I know I’ve seen people using them

  2. I use them for protection! I have a thing on my page somewhere. If you want I can find it and link it

  3. Sold in 2017 for $24,000. It's crazy to me how cheap real estate is in some parts of the US.

  4. Isn’t there $1.00 dollar houses or was I gaslight into believing that?

  5. The only 2 people she doesn't follow on insta are marcia and irene.

  6. Yeah because socials is obviously the main showing of personal relationships.

  7. It's why the gays just know how to do stuff, why we're survivors and are always obsessed with her.

  8. Does your cat like those meat tubes? Could pit one of those on a plate and put the pill in that

  9. What game specifically? Because if it’s Minecraft I want to turn on keep inventory.

  10. For me it's just a taste thing, as in complete honesty everything between the 1780's and 1850s are just kinda "boring" looking to me.

  11. To be fair we betray Jesus on the regular for some pleasure and ease of life. Judas (and peter, for betraying him three times before the cock crows) is representative of all of us in that regard.

  12. Thanks everyone and sorry, I should have mentioned that I did call my surgeon’s office, spoke with the on call RN, and I sent them the same photos. Was told to drink a lot of water >100 ounces/day and as long as there is no blockage when urinating I should be fine. Was told to go to the ER if the water didn’t work or if I had abdominal pain. Happy to report the water is working!!

  13. Infant baptism is a pagan practice I believe

  14. I fully don’t think he did I just think he was trying to survive.

  15. Why would you go near an animal that has its kids near by? Thats rule number two.

  16. Yeah if you include the reverse of it to be the same thing.

  17. It’s giving me slight goth aesthetic influencer if it wasn’t for the beef lips.

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