1. Actually I think she’s back for good cause if you go to Wwe shop she has a new t-shirt.

  2. Oh I didn't know lol well I guess she couldn't resist The money 💰 they always come back but yeah good seeing her

  3. Yeah I’m so happy she’s back. I hope she has a good run this time.

  4. She is the future of the MCU! Can’t wait for what she does next.

  5. Personally, I love both. In Hawkeye she always looks like a cute girl, but in real life she can be cute/hot, with a ton of makeup/little makeup, look younger/older, etc.

  6. She’s is definitely hot! Glad she got casted in the Mcu I can’t wait to see more of her in the future.

  7. Thanks I found it but it was actually posted at the beginning of 2021 just to let you know.

  8. Yep and since I found the pics I’m going to save them and print out and hang it on my wall. I love Hailee a lot.

  9. Did they cut out the scene at the end of season 2 where Mike and Rachel make love in the file room?

  10. She was super hot and that’s it. Her entire character just wanted to fuck Batman, and while that’s a noble goal, it doesn’t make her particularly interesting or fleshed out.

  11. I guess you could say she was “chasing” after Batman.

  12. Agree and like you said she’s one of the reasons the movie is watchable. I like this movie because of her. Nicole Kidman is a great actress so she was perfect casting.

  13. No I genuinely love Amber Heard

  14. Yep I bet they were tight on her. It made her ass look so good.

  15. I love that 4th one in the top row but I also loved the sweaters she wears at home and stuff

  16. I like the middle bottom one since that’s the first episode and it’s memorable

  17. I liked that they kept her in pencil skirts so you didn’t notice her little legs - honestly her style was A plus on the show . I loved her trench coats and bags

  18. Yeah she has a lot of outfits, too many to put in one.

  19. I’m guessing Netflix, that’s where I watch it and it’s a very big platform

  20. Which country are you? It’s not on Netflix in the US.

  21. If you've never used Vudu before, Vudu itself is "free" but you have to buy or rent mostly everything on there.

  22. Just saw that you can also watch it on Peacock and Prime Video here in the US but thank you for the info.

  23. I hate how the media gave her so much shit about her body a few years ago but Selena always been fine to me

  24. Well I never payed much attention to her but lately I have and she is fine tbh

  25. My favorite scene would have to be the file room between Mike and Rachel at the end of season 2 where they finally made love.

  26. Yeah the bitch should haha kept them.

  27. She abused him and didn’t even feel sorry. That bitch is definitely mentally ill

  28. You want to continue this in messages? I don’t mind

  29. That’s a big load, what do you eat and drink?

  30. Did you clean the mirror after or no?

  31. No. But I have seen leaks. It's just instagram crap.

  32. Ah okay. I was thinking about subscribing. I love when Eva posts her body

  33. So do you like Eva Marie? I think she’s underrated like I can’t believe she got fired

  34. I was so happy and excited! Finally the queen has reclaimed her throne!

  35. The rooftop scene with Chase Meridian and Batman in Batman Forever.

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