1. Which is kind of silly. While the Avalon is only sold in the US and China, those are huge markets (350m and 1b). And it looks like China is gobbling the Avalon up.

  2. You must be her current smm. Considering the fact that Hillary’s show is called “Gutsy” (gutsy, adjective. 1: marked by courage, pluck, or determination) I’m pretty sure, no actually positive, she spelled the word wrong. Now go away.

  3. You don’t need to be so rude, I had no idea about HC’s show and gusty is otherwise a fitting word for her sentence.

  4. You deleted your last comment telling me how easy it is to google the correct definition of “gusty”, now all of sudden I’m rude. Hilarious. How easy it would have been for you to simply use google, follow your own advice, before you tried to correct me in my comment. Now again, go away.

  5. My statement still stands that you don’t need to be so rude girl 🥲

  6. She literally looks how she usually looks y’all really reach sometimes

  7. It’s just hideous. Can we stop calling him a genius already?

  8. Both of them are so annoying tbh. Like he's trash and she just sucks for forcing this situation on her son.

  9. Right.. Tristan is obviously trash but tbh atleast he was straight up with her from the start that he wouldn’t be involved in the baby’s life and she chose to carry out the pregnancy anyway. Of course that was her choice but wtf was she expecting? No one should be surprised about this.

  10. Kylie do you just love looking up at this in missionary

  11. Why wouldn’t she? I know you’re being funny but I seriously don’t understand the hate this man gets surrounding his looks. There’s nothing wrong with the way he looks at all…

  12. Looks like a bunch of friends having fun to me y’all are too harsh sometimes

  13. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve actually been thinking lately that maybe I am too harsh on people sometimes . I’m not saying this sarcastically I really mean it.

  14. The fact I’m exhausted from this narrative….. I can’t even imagine how her family and friends feel. Imagine how exhausted poor true is gonna be or already is subconsciously

  15. Her family definitely doesn’t care as much as they should and it honestly puts me off all of them

  16. Pic 4 is throwing me! Didn’t think her nose looked like that

  17. Man some of y’all are so mean. I would agree he’s a shit person but you don’t need to make fun of his appearance like that. Gets shit constantly on this sub for looking down in photos then when he has his head up you make fun of what he looks like🤦‍♀️

  18. Idk maybe it’s just cos he always looks so serious and I’ve never seen a pic of him smiling but I never got good vibes off him. I don’t see the hype over his looks either

  19. Hiiii doll, then spends an hour on her phone with a giant glass of wine.

  20. Honestly that sounds comforting to me lol. Sometimes It’s nice just having someone familiar around in tough times

  21. These sunnies look ridiculous. The early 2000s speed dealer sunglasses trend needs to go already! They are so not cute

  22. Honestly what she’s done to her jaw recently ages her and makes her look so harsh 😭 some of the worst work she’s had done imo

  23. Kylie is overweight and at one time was borderline obese. Not even taking childbirth into account, either.

  24. This is not an unpopular opinion it’s just straight up incorrect lol. There is no way Kylie was ever technically obese or even close to it 🙄 Pregnancy or not

  25. omg!! Honestly it would be hard to tell because Penelope and her other kids don't really look like her either.

  26. Except mason I think! In her IG throwback post for Kim’s recent birthday she looked like masons twin!

  27. I HATE the grey look that’s popular right now. I’m telling you this style will definitely look frozen in time and not age well. But I don’t like grey everything anyway. A little grey is okay, but not in every room. I might be in the minority here, but I don’t care.

  28. Agreed. I’m just a sucker for her first house and a lot of their older houses with the dark brown shiny wooden floor boards and white / cream walls 😍 lol. Timeless

  29. I miss it 🤭 and the decor from the first home she bought in Kris Humphris era. Maybe a touch dated now but it still just feels classic and elegant and not trying to hard like much of their current styles / decor

  30. this dress doesn’t fit her mid section but she looks good

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