1. I got it too, I think it’s the international extension for your phone number?

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble guys… If you look at the campaign, some of them say “your application is complete and is being reviewed” while others may say “post your content on the appropriate social channels”. If it says the latter, you were selected for that campaign and you will get that product. At least for me, if it says the first quote, it just means you took the survey, but you might not get the campaign. In fact, most of them are pretty old and those getting the campaign were already selected and so you likely will not be getting those.

  3. I’ve never used it before and so far have only used the brown, and yes it seems dry… it still works but I need to draw on multiple layers to make it work.

  4. I got this one too! And same! Radio silence since May and now a ton of things flowing in. So grateful 😍

  5. If youre fair, I think neither will work as a nude shade. Wherever Walnut is a rosy nude brown shade, and I’m not sure that it’ll work as a true nude on fair skin.

  6. I got this one and I have one from a couple years ago. I prefer the one from a couple years ago because I can use all the colors and the bronzer has a red hue that’s lovely. With the elephant pallet I love the blushes and the finishing powders but the bronzer is more orange so not my favorite. I also cannot use the highlighter because it is too dark for me and it’s very metallic which is not my style. I got it for 20% off and would recommend getting it at that price if you can…

  7. Actually I take it back… price per mL it’s actually cheaper than the full-size, so it is technically a deal!

  8. Price per volume wasn’t much worse than the full size so I bought it too :)

  9. Weird I can’t post for some reason?! Finally started getting surveys and got into two campaigns! Dr. Scholls and Lancôme!

  10. Omg same!! I’m a first time dog owner (and Doberman owner) and some folks at dog parks can be SO RUDE! Especially ones with tiny little dogs! They tell me to keep my dog away from them even though my dog is on leash and literally the most gentle puppy ever while theirs are psycho and biting and barking like crazy. Also their dogs are off leash while mine is on (he is only 4 months so I don’t trust his recall yet). Their dogs keep coming up to us and yet I’m the one that needs to drag away my puppy every time? Drives me crazy!

  11. You’re supposed to take the leash off at dog parks, or dogs get reactive.

  12. It’s technically not a dog park but a park a lot of owners let their dogs off leash at. It is not fenced in/closed off like a normal dog park is and has busy traffic all around it’s perimeter. So no, I’m not taking the leash off a four month old puppy with extremely weak recall in a high traffic area with no fences :)

  13. I just got my first dog ever a couple months ago and he’s a dobie. And he’s the best… I agree he takes a lot of work and discipline, and you need at least one other person in the house to take care of them. He’s only 5 months now and requires at least an hour walk in the morning, and then another strenuous activity in the afternoon (either swimming, a dog park or another walk). In between he needs sessions of fetch in the backyard. I use feeding times as opportunities to practice tricks and so he needs to earn everything he gets which helps with mental stimulation throughout the day. I know it has only been a few months for me but I don’t see why you can’t have a dobie as your first dog as long as you are committed to training and discipline. I was also surprised by how much love they need. My dog loves being pet all the time and so lots of petting and scratching throughout the day to make sure he feels like he is getting attention.

  14. I did once and I had to email them four times to get a reimbursement. It took over a month. So I’m skipping them now…

  15. I got this too as well as a survey for Dr. Scholls shoes. I have never gotten any clothing or shoes before but who knows? Fingers crossed!

  16. I haven’t BUT I did finally start getting surveys again! One was for skincare the other was for deli meat (which I don’t eat). So hopefully you start getting some again soon too!

  17. I love a lot of her products but the standout definitely-worth-the-price product is her lip cheat lip liners

  18. Shiseido HANATSUBAKI HAKE Polishing Face Brush. It melts your foundation in 2 seconds, worth every penny though it does sometimes go on sale

  19. Sure thing, here you go! Hello, I want to invite you to become a Highlighter! I'm a Highlighter myself, and it's been so much fun! At Highlight, brands and Highlighters work together to create better products for all. Based on your unique profile, you'll receive free products to try and share your feedback. Apply here today:

  20. Ooo I wonder if it’s from the ordinary, they are launching one too now…

  21. I am obsessed with the Kosas concealer. I wear it daily without any foundation on. It looks super natural, brightens, conceals, and just makes me look overall healthier. As for cream blush… I have tried a bunch and I have yet to find one that lasts more than five minutes ;-)

  22. If you're between TF or Dior, I'd go TF-- Dior's packaging is really cheap and those eyeshadows spill out easily. I got the color quad 'Nude Dip' and 'Rose Topaz.' I think Sephora is out of the Rose Topaz quad online so I'd go Nude Dip if they have it.

  23. Totes agree on the TF! I have honeymoon, body heat and suspicion and they are all amazing for travel! Especially The honeymoon because you can get multiple different looks with it. Another option is the Dior highlighter quad which can be used as a highlighter, blush and eyeshadow. The only issue is the shadows popped out of the container for me so I can never take it traveling.

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