[OC] My response to SCOTUS's decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Protest, Vote, Fight.

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  1. Why does this beast appear in my feed all the time? I keep blocking the accounts, but it keeps reappearing in my feed, please help.

  2. The overturning of Roe V. Wade. Moved to Switzerland a few weeks ago, what a relief, left just in time.

  3. I got a vasectomy, I'll never need an abortion, but it's nice to know my female friends are free to have as many as they please with THEIR bodies. It's also nice to know the Swiss government has better things to do than to regulate the wombs of women.

  4. We're past the protesting and voting phase, the fighting phase is next. Civil war is upon the American people.

  5. People are going to pick up weapons and fight over abortions in urban combat? Youve had too much reddit today young one.

  6. Funny, you should respect your elders. It's actually the institutional racism, lack of health care, lack of women's rights. I moved to Switzerland, i now understand what freedom is.

  7. You mean to tell me there were no clues or signs of immaturity or unreadiness to be a father in the time you were with him before getting pregnant? That's who you chose, live with it.

  8. 3 years of that kind of behaviour is a major red flag, but I suppose there were still enough reasons for her to not break up with him or divorce him. I just feel really sorry for the child. Sounds like this guy is gonna turn into a negligent parent who doesn't spend time with his kid and barely pays attention to them. Not to mention the fights and possibly divorce of the parents.

  9. A large amount of men shouldn't have children, women should know that by observation. I'm 44, got a vasectomy at 29, no children, I know myself, I'm too selfish. It never surprises me the behaviors women overlook in pursuit of birthing a child. You're right the child will lose in the end because of the selfishness of the parents.

  10. How do we get that tribe to come to the US and make it atheist.

  11. Love this, he should of served up his buddy too.

  12. Nancy Cartwright is annoying thinking that everyone cares she does Bart's voice.

  13. If it's in the US, the dog can remain smarter than the child for the entirety of its life.

  14. Came here looking for the points you made on education and religion!

  15. Yes, you made the points I was thinking of.

  16. :) Glad we agree. Truly paradise here in CH.

  17. Did he ever fly him to Epstein's island?

  18. Yeah not everyone is trying to loose weight. I’ve always been a thin guy, only way to gain muscle is to move more and eat more.

  19. Don't do cardio, do compound exercises, go heavy and eat lots of fatty foods (butter, oil, meat, nuts, avocado) (some fruit periodically too) good luck, i was once like you, now I'm shredded and strong.

  20. Atheism, the only way to the light, the truth. I live in Switzerland we tax religion here that's why these assholes never get rich and powerful here, i love Switzerland. I'm American by the way.

  21. Swiss food sucks and it's so expensive.

  22. Switzerland has free flowing water everywhere, the spigots are always running, just water flowing without stop.

  23. Everybody is a gangster until gangster stuff needs to be done.

  24. The water is perfect now, just swam in it's little while ago.

  25. He's not using the hard "r" (at least.) Still wish somebody would sucker punch his bitch ass.

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