1. Government cheese is too good for Lauren Bobert!!

  2. I literally can't remember refusing to eat a single meal. I didn't love liver, I remember that, but we were poor and that was food, so.

  3. I was doing good until I turned 70 and was told I stage IV lung cancer

  4. May peace and joy be with you.

  5. As I recall, it was owned by Andrew Zimmern, and when it opened, he made some pretty not cool/unnecessary comments about how "local Chinese restaurants don't know how to make good Chinese food and he was going to remedy that". Or similar, I forget the exact thing, but close enough. Needless to say, it cast a dark shadow over the place, and I don't think it ever really took off. And then, of course, the pandemic happened. And that was all she wrote.

  6. Because of course there is! Honestly, even though reddit can go dark, this is why I love this place.

  7. Are these the same asshole supporters he called to riot on January 6? They've been watching their brethren repent/go to jail/lose jobs, families, and friends for two years.

  8. It just makes sense for free meals for all kids. I don’t understand why anyone could be opposed to it. Put food in those bellies!

  9. It drives me insane when people debate whether we should FEED CHILDREN but try to dress it up as some other concern. Just feed the children. It's not that hard!!

  10. The legend is not legendary.

  11. We lived on Ocean Blvd, and the traffic noise was horrible. Whhhhyyyyy?? Would anyone want a car that's intentionally that loud?

  12. Now I want coffee at The Corner Store. Hello from Austin.

  13. Hey, Austin! I did go to The Corner Store, as did the wandering peacock, I took that from my seat out front. It was just a super magical walk yesterday, I guess.

  14. Something is always magical wandering that area of town. Have you seen the tree with the drawing of a peacock and a "warning: peacock crossing?" I walk up there from 13th & Leland just to see that sign.

  15. No, I'll have to go look for it!

  16. Somehow, I knew the surprise would involve poop.

  17. It's too bad tenants couldn't unionize.

  18. My dog's name is Bilbo Waggins

  19. I think you guys are missing the obvious opportunity! My Gilgamesh becomes Gilbo Doggins pretty easily. But waggins is pretty damn cute too.

  20. I was actually going to get two pugs, one to be Bilbo Waggins and one to be Thorin Barkenshield, and then they could go on adventures together! 🥰 But then it turns out that one pug is a lot of pug, so we just stuck with one.

  21. Honestly, those donuts look great. I'd shop there

  22. I sewed a super cool light pink/grey sweatshirt in 8th grade, I cooked many things, and fried chicken was the best.

  23. I gotta say, the level of righteous vengeance called for in this situation warms my cold and vengeful heart.

  24. The chick is under me now, but the sgt went back to his og section (same base, different office). The husband doesn’t work here. It just feels like the sgt lit this absolute dumpster fire and dipped. The only reason that I know it happened is bc he asked me to be an alibi for when the husband reported(I refused and the husband hasn’t reported). The command is tracking that her stories aren’t lining up but they aren’t aware of what happened at the ball. Everyone E-5 and under knows that it happened bc they were at the ball and she was supposed to stay but left with the sgt. My moral compass has been telling me to report it since I found out, but I was listening to the wrong people (and trying not to get her in trouble bc Ik she has a kid).

  25. Report, report, report. She's in serious danger. She fucked someone, which is not great, but does not merit a fucking death sentence, either.

  26. The one when Nick and Jess break up, when Jess stalks Sam, when Schmidt decides to help Winston be his best black self.

  27. It depends on why you think it's terrible.

  28. How many freaking committees are required to say "taxable revenue"?

  29. He had to rest because his fish was too heavy? That's adorable!!

  30. "Happiness consists more in the small conveniences of pleasures that occur every day, than in the great pieces of good fortune that happen seldom to a man in the course of his life" ~ Benjamin Franklin

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