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  1. I’ve had one at The Sterling on Hertel, I don’t recommend it unless you like slaw on your C&W. I didn’t care for it.

  2. After reading your situation, I really hope that’s just a lone hitchhiker. It happened to me and I hope that luck passes onto you.

  3. Not sure who to reach out to but the building at 700 main st has artist studios and band rehearsal space last I knew. I used to work in the building and we’d hear bands practicing pretty often. I’m not sure if Brian Wantuch is still managing but try him

  4. When market arcade reopened they reopened with a bar. I’m not a big drinker but I’ve really enjoyed being able to get a drink while I watch a movie. Usually ends up being a pre-gaming event, I’ve always ended up at masuta chows after for another cocktail and a bite to eat.

  5. No helmet worn. "Suffered significant head trauma". Wear a helmet kids.

  6. Might not be what you’re looking for in a an answer. I went to get some underwear for my boyfriend there. He wasn’t sure what he wanted but they had his shop history in their computer system so I was able to get the type of boxer he liked. It was a quick stop but super easy. The hardest part was picking out colors.

  7. Yes, which is why he'll never get out. But by law he has a right to demonstrate he's no longer a danger to society; the fact he obviously is notwithstanding.

  8. Micheal Moore’s “where to invade next” goes into a few prisons in Norway to explain how their system works. He’s interviewing a guard, I think, and asks where they came up with some of their ideas. The guard replies with something to the effect of, we got it from the US constitution, no cruel and unusual punishment.

  9. As someone with some digestive issues this is something I keep in mind. Question: do you prefer individual room or multiple stalls in one place?

  10. I’m not sure if they specialize in old furnaces but Domes heating and air conditioning has always been good to me.

  11. Down or down alternative comforters are great for Buffalo, add a a fleece or knit layer for added coziness. I prefer to turn my heat down at night since I sleep pretty warm but to each their own. Layers are key. I sometimes put my robe on top of me while sleeping, this way it’s warm when I wake up and get out of bed. I’ve gotten good deals on comforters at Marshall’s/tj maxx and Kohl’s.

  12. Swan street is nothing fancy but they are consistent af. It’s my fav breakfast spot.

  13. Funny enough - I was sitting at the bar when I saw this notification come in, at Doc Sullivan’s and about 5-10 mins earlier I heard a girl and guy read my comment out loud and have a discussion on the quality of the B n G in question. I love how small this town is.

  14. Hope this is a wild success and they expand to other food deserts on the Eastside.

  15. I used to get something from Amy’s truck that had fries on it. Check out their brick and mortar on main st in university heights.

  16. Hairstylist here. No where near as important as what you’re doing but same PPE! I haven’t been wearing the shield like I had to when we first reopened but I’m considering it again. It’s a catch 22, it protects me and my client but I have a hard time with depth perception while wearing it. Depth perception is kind of important with my job

  17. Our city has a wonderful hostel on main st, you could take the train to the concert from there as well. The staff their could suggest a cab service that they work with or Uber/Lyft.

  18. Good tattoo removal isn’t cheap and cheap tattoo removal isn’t good. The only place I’ve heard about in this area is Removery.

  19. Join the Facebook group, Buffalore, they post pictures all the time and you could also put a request out for any pics.

  20. Had mine out at Dr. Bob’s on elmwood about 10 years ago. Had some other issues a few years later and was going to UB, I’m pretty sure I saw the same surgeon at UB’s school. I recommend UB.

  21. Watch out for pedestrians and people on bikes too. Many people don’t shovel sidewalks and that forces pedestrians into the street.

  22. Looks like they are protesting worker safety. I assume due to high Covid positive rate.

  23. If that ever crops up again try some Flonase, that's what my doctor suggested for my vertigo and it actually worked

  24. I’m going to try that. My vertigo is def from sinus stuff/allergies. Getting it again now that I’m wearing a mask at work all day. Might even see and ENT doctor. I stand for a living, that combined with vertigo is a fucking nightmare

  25. I started feeling sick on Tuesday and tested positive on Thursday. I thought it was just a sinus infection since I get like 4 a year. I don’t work, so quarantining is nbd. As soon as I tested positive, I told my wife. Her boss sent her home with her desktop and told her to come back on the 10th. She can’t get a test done until the 7th, so if she tests positive, there’s a good chance she works from home for 2+ weeks. We are in a fortunate situation, but I definitely feel for those who aren’t able to take that much time off work OR work from home.

  26. If I get COVID I’ll be taking 10 days, I work directly on people for a living so there is no way in hell I’d come back after 5 days. I’m self employed and I’d rather miss out on the money than potentially infect clients.

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