1. Kswaps overrated I can say to put some money down on building the bottom end and turbo kit on the single cams make good power . Love my eg coupe

  2. I've also heard good things about the b series. What's your opinion on that?

  3. The auto transmissions are dog shit. They fail pretty often, in my experience at least. Lifter tick is an issue on a lot. Relatively standard fix.

  4. Ok good. Was planning to go standard anyways.

  5. Out of all the things I could've forgotten to mention. Thank you for reminding me. I'm trying really hard to keep it under 10k.

  6. If you want something cheap to put alot of horses you really cant go wrong with an 8th gen civic SI. The cars are cheap right now and you can send them to the moon and back with the k series engine in it. If you want a drift car go for a nissan z, almost any generation will do for the money. if your only In it for the looks get a prelude and stance that shit out as much as you want.

  7. I've seen some nissan ZX's around. What's the difference. I haven't really fucked with Japanese cars

  8. Depends what you like man. I fuck with the F body GM platform and the fox body Ford platform. It's all preference

  9. See, all of my life I've worked on ford's with my dad. Though he's a real big truck guy and hinestly I want a car. Just something fun to drive and nit to bad price wise.

  10. I work fast food. And everyone assembling sandwiches will talk about how they're touching whoever is on grill's meat.

  11. Probably enslave, segregate, or wipe them of the earth entirely.

  12. Probably enslave, segregate, or wipe them of the earth entirely

  13. Imagine your girlfriends mother NOT being in jail.

  14. Definitely. They'll become best friends. Yalls will have ice cream and threesomes together.

  15. Maybe. I don't quite know. But I can say driving a manual is in fact a load of fun. I drive a '94 F-150 myself.

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