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  1. I did the boss in one shot with worse equipment, its so much easier than the last one

  2. This was the last one I completed. Honestly some of em you just gotta play a few times until RNGesus decides its your time

  3. Yeah, do the rest and when u got more stats do this last

  4. Try to grind as much as possible trial tower so u can upgrade your relics

  5. Mine does this sometimes but I just shoot the next shot and it adjusts... for me

  6. Better than killing last boss and happens

  7. That's punrank, in ruins you just hit the boss until it dies.

  8. Saw that u cleared it but also jungle boar is helpful as well

  9. How do u guys find funny comments all I see are 700 messages of bots spamming

  10. I'll reiterate what others have said. Glove control is her best main perk. I recommend binding neutral attack to its own button, I have mine on right bumper, that way you can neutral air easily. Her neutral air combined with glove control gives her insane edge guarding. Your goal is to try and juggle the enemy in the air a bit. I find the best way to do this is slide into up attack then 2 up specials or confetti attacks. Get them to like 70 and pressure them to the edge where you spam neutral air while they try to recover or glove them. The hit box is huge for neutral air so I spam that. Watch some high mmr Harley Quinn players and they'll follow this pretty closely in most match ups. Idk what all the perks are but I do anything that aids me in this play style.

  11. Damn bro I appreciate the time you spent texting this but I discovered in the mean time whats good and bad and also im playing on mouse and keyboard so my attacks are neutral left click special right click

  12. Well it’s not a buff to skunk. Just making pineapple work with it.

  13. lol yes. It happens. A valuable lesson was learned.

  14. I got a Huawei and it doesnt let me split screen on ABE

  15. get this in arena then post it. i dont get how just grinding versus against yourself for hours to get these vids is very rewarding

  16. Versus its so bs, you got to wait 1 min evert round for all the other players be ready especially in the first round like there is not much u can do why u think for an hour

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