1. This is a sub reddit for electricians not handy man shmoes who dont qualify for this work but commit these atrocities never the less

  2. I've been doing it for a day and at 60 now. I really just want to get this shit over with lol

  3. Bro I’m 450 dry I wouldn’t wish this torture upon anyone

  4. same. I'm catching my own eclectics too, so that adds to the grind lol

  5. Lmao , my grind got me to 35th rank med clues for hcim and still counting

  6. I'm more confused as to why you set your valuable drop notification so low.

  7. how do you die playing a game?! I'd assume you'd just pass out and get much needed rest after 24 hours.

  8. Ass bloodclots my friend, now I bet you regret asking

  9. Charred to all hell, and it looks like tetanus waiting to happen. What year is the residence?

  10. Yeah and every box is like this, with joe shmo handy man work. Building is at least 50 years old, sadly most of these buildings owners are too cheap to muster up any sort of re wire

  11. I feel terribly anxious all of the time and the smallest thing sets me into a panic. I feel paralyzed and scared. I don't know how to put it - its like a mounting feeling of dread. I am in therapy but it isn't helping.

  12. Don’t think you’ll answer to this, but I’ve lived with social anxiety almost everyday for past 7 years. And not up untill I started micro dosing mushrooms 2 months ago I’ve been anxiety free, and actually feel like I can be myself in front of who ever and when ever. I hope you find peace <3

  13. Worked at a garbage plant, wasn't bad until they opened the compost tunnel that was closed off for 2 weeks before that. Even when I talked I felt as if I was deep inhaling death through my nose

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