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  1. Undoubtedly we'll see more of Factions 2 by Naughty Dog and more than likely get a launch date too and an official title for the game.

  2. Let's not talk about NAMBLA in the background.

  3. Stupid question, but isn't she outing one of her customers? Wouldn't this be like a breach of GDPR or something?

  4. None. Barrel length doesn't affect accuracy or range. It does affect FPS/Joules though. The barrel material and polish matters for accuracy/range. Steel being the best as it's easier to clean and better lapp/polish on the manufacturer side.

  5. This worked but I don't why. What black magic is this that I'm being seduced by.xoxo

  6. That line on the current time indicator is showing you what one frame is, you’re zoomed in far enough to see the timeline down to the single frame level. Video works in frames. You can’t cut half a frame. Not without changing the framerate of your project and then asking premiere to magically frame blend new images to compensate, and that doesn’t always look particularly good.

  7. Here's the thing. I am certain that in the past even if I was zoomed all the way in on the timeline, when I hit the out point it would mark it exactly where the timeline scrubber is. But now it does it after that blue line.

  8. Anyone know what's going on here? I noticed this new line on the scrubber that never used to be there and I can't for the life of me figure out how to turn it off? Is it a bug? When I in|out point it does it at the end of the extra frame rather than where the actual scrubbing line is. Very frustrating.

  9. I know they wanted a faster, sharper, aggressive Bond but how could anyone watch that and think this is perfect. Audiences and critics won't have an issue with such aggressive editing.

  10. The show was excellent, for me the only thing missing was bonding between Ellie and Joel. For me I would have put an episode before the finale, showing Ellie dealing with her shock from killing David and Joel helping her overcome it and bring her out of her shell again, to at least feel safe and happy with him. This could have included some more infected too, a moment of them surviving together.

  11. Nice. I was kind of hoping the David storyline would be a 2-parter like with Kathleen so they could expand on the winter section and add even more depth to David and his followers, but what you're pitching makes great sense since the one thing the show didn't do as well as the game was creating the same emotional connection between Joel and Ellie.

  12. Donkey expert here: They are amazing animals.

  13. Monsieur Aubergine from A View to a Kill. His name was a prescient double entendre for an emoji that didn't even exist then.

  14. "Perhaps we should add this butterfly to our collection, ehh".... which I can only assume he means he wants to Eiffel Tower her with Bond.

  15. Fuck Boys, Fuck Boys II and Fuck Boys 4 Life.

  16. Seems like a really good deal. Come with a programmable mosfet. If you want a gun with similar performance for lower price, check out any of the Double Eagle M900 Series.

  17. I’ve got the same gun and another evolution airsoft gun. Both had blown mosfets so got them cheap as boneyards. It appears the mosfet can be fragile. I replaced with perun v2 hybrid. The plastic is really good quality. Both work flawlessly now.

  18. I appreciate the design of No Time To Die, and think it's probably the best of the Craig era. While I like On Her Majesty's Secret Service as a movie, it's a terrible poster. I've also never seen the appeal of the Goldeneye poster. It just looks messy to me. The Living Daylights might be the best design overall, with Live And Let Die and Goldfinger not far behind. The painting on Diamonds Are Forever is great and promises a lot of wonderful action, but the layout design of the poster bugs me. I know it was contractually mandated to have Connery's name at the very top and they wanted to promote his return as Bond, but I think the text at the top is a bad design choice. Having the painting centered and larger and at the top and then the text at the bottom would have been a lot better.

  19. I'm genuinely curious, if you're talking about the NTTD poster above being the best of the Craig era, what do you like about it?

  20. The Living Daylights poster might be the best of the bunch. There's just something about the use of the blue and white light colours that makes it stand out so much.

  21. Steven Seagal....if you can even call sitting down acting

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