Random downpour in DC, this guy jumps out of his car to share an umbrella with a couple down on their luck

I needed this today

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  1. Factitious seems to not be working. Anyone have a working link?

  2. The speedway with a mighty taco will be the closest place that sells them to there. Out of curiosity catch anything cool ever?

  3. I like parking at devil's hole and then going up to whirlpool. Check the distance to see if it is within your abilities.

  4. Also I really enjoy 3 sisters island. Bring some bird seed. People feed birds from their hand just outside that spot. Go to Canada next and soak in the beauty of the gardens. They maintain them sooo well. I always stroll around Dufferin islands and park over there. Longer walk but I think it's worth it.

  5. Burnt Rose (small plates), 18th Amendment. Keuka Springs for wine tasting (one of the few with a decent red). Take a stroll on the outlet trail. The coffee joint on main is solid as well. If you are down with trespassing there is a sweet waterfall halfway down the east side of the lake. Can't miss the posted signs. My favorite bang for your buck winery is McGregors. Remember the regions reislings are your best bet. For beer swing by Keg and Barrel. Great view of the Bluff. I have been going to the area at least yearly for a week. Skip Weiss. Their tasting rates have gotten ridiculous.

  6. Exact book no, but I scored a bunch of children's books from the school library and reading teacher. The benefits of children's books is that they seem to always have a bit of a positive glow. Hard to mention cutting off noses and ears in a kids book and so it provides a glossed over false narrative. The older the book the better. Buy a bunch of used if ya need to

  7. I believe it’s longer. There was a $500 deposit to get on the wait list. If the model changes from the current one, you can request to refund. You get whatever model the have at the time. For VW, I get the 2022 car jot the 2023.

  8. Batavia, NY. Bought my Prius Prime off the lot a month ago. At the time they had 2 rav primes in stock. WNY is allocated more.

  9. White, grey, a touch of darker goldenrod yellow. All matted with a light grey grout.

  10. There is a rotting redwood log from Teddy Roosevelt's inauguration at the top of this creek. It was shipped in from the West Coast to Buffalo for the inauguration event. Go Bills!

  11. Just got back from Harrisville, NY. Picked 15 off my dog after he romped for 25 minutes. So pretty bad

  12. Just a baton passed around the world

  13. That wire is wrapped around that screw incorrectly. I guarantee it.

  14. Nice.. the white limited? if so, i almost traded in my 22 XLE on it, but decided against it and will likely wait for the next gen PP... whenever they are going to come out

  15. Nah metallic green or whatever it's called

  16. dltl says:

    I live in 14220. Have never lost power in 10 years. Grew up in the country and they are much more practical there.

  17. Rents been over 1000 for 2 bedrooms for a decade int he city

  18. dltl says:

    False. 3 bedroom south Buffalo. Woodside and South Park was 525/month bought a house 6 years ago but we lived there for 4 years. It was a good deal I will admit.

  19. I don't know what grade you teach but we cover that when we cover WW2 (11th Grade). My students don't make the connection until I use the word "patriotism." That is a term most of them understand and it is the same thing. I use an anticipatory guide to open the discussion on it. If you don't know, this is a worksheet matrix that has a declarative statement on the left side, 2 boxes for agree/disagree in the center and a box to write down why you agree or disagree on the right. An example of a declarative statement could be " A nation should be willing to sacrifice everything, even it's own people, to win a war." Or " it is ok to bomb civilians to save soldiers." (Again this is for WW2 and these statements get the students thinking about this before we cover the London Blitz and Hiroshima and Nagasaki.)

  20. dltl says:

    Same thing for me. 10 questions. Yes no. At the end rating scale and discussion as to where they stand. Usually this gets dragged out a bit with discussion but the kids are engaged. "Illegal to desecrate flag" "Should have annual Military parades" I would love to get into kneeling and the pledge, but I'm in a heavy right wing echo chamber and it would be too delicate of a dance to pull off with 10th graders.

  21. dltl says:

    Beautiful job! Love everything!

  22. dltl says:

    Went to the dealer Monday. Purchased and delivered today. 2.1% 72 months. No cash down. Basic model. $450/month. Upstate NY

  23. dltl says:

    Put tiny bone hands below it.

  24. DIY laminate will run you a couple hundred bucks.

  25. dltl says:

    This is my full kitchen remodel post. I bought Ikea laminate countertops that I love. $300 total. They look great and I installed in a few hours.

  26. I'm pretty sure the manifolds work best when supply lines are at both ends of them, as it equalizes the pressure in the whole system. I am not a plumber so I could be wrong.

  27. dltl says:


  28. dltl says:

    Any ski area. Just park, walk in and act normal. They all have fires. The ski hut at Sprague is good. Duendes back shed thing.

  29. dltl says:

    Non skier/boarders may think they are not allowed. It was my short hand way of saying no one cares who's there.

  30. dltl says:

    Brondell swash 1400. Heated seat, heated water, heated dryer, all settings adjustable. Buy once, cry once.

  31. Mine has all that plus air filtration and auto open / closing, the price will make you cry even harder.

  32. dltl says:

    I respect this move. Bidet's rule. Better bidet's rule even more.

  33. Go out to pioneer. Kids bring the hunting rifles to school for decades. There used to be a school gun club. More kids use firearms out there than anywhere int he city. Never once a shooting. Weird how people raised with proper gun safety aren’t popping off shots in a parking lot over a beer. It’s almost like culture can be the problem!!!!

  34. dltl says:

    Just to clarify as a teacher who advises trap club kids are NOT allowed to bring their guns into school. They can bring them to the conservation club where they are kept in a safe. The teacher transports them to any competition. I agree that it teaches gun safety and personally I feel that every gun owner should have to go through a gun safety course to own a gun. There are shootings in rural areas. Springville had 2 students that were playing with a gun. One student shot his best friend and then took his own life after an accident. This was in the 90's. I read an economist article a while back and it showed a causal relationship between a state having laws that require locked guns to gun deaths.

  35. dltl says:

    Love it. I have days where kids stress me, but not as much as years 1-6. I am 1/2 time special education and CT in a lot of classes. I love learning and applying new teaching techniques that fit my style. I am the senior advisor, track coach, cross country coach, ski club advisor, and outdoor recreation advisor. I love connecting with kids in every environment. I have great relationships with parents, teachers, and admin. Best job I've ever had. I have the advantage of being extremely under employed and knowing the grass is not greener. I organized a field trip to a WWII museum coming up and an assembly with a Holocaust survivor. Tonight I was snowboarding and grilling with my students for ski club. I have an indoor rock climbing outing with my rec club later this month. I like how busy it keeps me. There are so many elements that can be irritations, but if you have the right personality they will not truly get to ya.

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