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  1. I ride Sunday and Tuesday nights. I have a crew you are welcome to join.

  2. If you're still going to school, ask a trusted teacher to help you. If not, go to Compass House. Haven House is another if you are a victim of violence. Call 211 if you're in a bind. They have resources for everything. Don't prostitute yourself if you need money, that's how you become a victim of human trafficking.

  3. Please make sure that teacher is tenured.

  4. Ugh, you call yourself a Buffalonian? I don't see a single Genny can or a flaming fold-up table anywhere in this video...

  5. I was motivated by some hayburners.

  6. This and: Since I Left You-Avalanches are two of my fav story dance songs

  7. Man once again comments on Prius prime thread about issues = next to zero. Bolt is a land of issues. I'm still interested in getting one, but this subreddit is putting me in the hesitant zone.

  8. Bolts have fewer issues than most cars. Maybe not less than a Prius, but less than the average car.

  9. That's fair if true. I've purchased a brand new civic in 2010 never a major issue. Purchased a Scion XB and similar other than a wheel bearing. If my car just did not start that would piss me off and turn me off to the brand. My Prius prime in the last 20k miles...not a single issue.

  10. No way they would mount for $40. 20 a tire is standard

  11. I've put almost 19k miles on my 22 over the last 15 months. No issues yet.

  12. As a NYS Govt. teacher thank you and I hope this gets seen. I had a student tell me she would not register to vote today and tried to discuss what people in the past have gone through to get her to just have the opportunity to vote. Hopefully this type of sentiment will come across her path.

  13. Buses are great for this tech. Only drives locally, lots of stop and start, only drives twice a day and parked at a designated location the rest of the time

  14. As a teacher in a rural NYS school, good luck with the backlash of the rural Trump loving communities. They hate EV's for the most ignorant ass reasons.

  15. Cost to quality to quantity ratio is best. Great tasting, shittons of food, and not too bad on the wallet. Is it the best? I would say it is great but there is better quality.

  16. I have total wireless. I pay $45 for unlimited data and the reception runs off Verizon’s towers. I don’t know why anyone else wouldn’t go for this.

  17. Same. Did Verizon just buy them out. I get 4 lines for $100. Can't beat it

  18. Old world pizza is kind of a weird expression considering tomatoes come from the new world and pizza sauce as it is would not be a thing until at the earliest the 1500's.

  19. The amount of times people have complained about serious bolt issues in this forum compared to the Prius prime forum is the only thing preventing me from going for one. Toyota is just so frigging reliable. They need to start making full ev's

  20. I was there last night. I had the Tartar di Salmone, Antipasto Trinacria, Polpo Grigliato, Insalata Romana, Risotto Nero, Brasato di Manzo, Costata di Maiale, and the Filetto di Cernia.

  21. Boston (the hills), Colden, Springville, Holland, Wales, Ellicottville all get dumped on. The hills get the most. Hamburg to OP to Elma to Clarence and back to the city are less hilly and get less. The hills trap the snow so where they are the snow is.

  22. I used to sell Thule racks. If ya want to be cheap you know you can just wrap the straps through an open door then close the door. Ya might look a bit doofy but it works. If you are super tall the straps might be near your head.

  23. My buddy just sent me a photo of a charging station where he lives and people cut the charging cables off of all of them . They’re gonna need to fortify them

  24. Someone broke all the attachment clips off where I charge at a state park. People can suck sometimes

  25. Not to mention service at the restaurant is obscenely slow and they clearly don't care about their customers. We've waited over a half hour for just a drink order to come and when the food order came an hour later, that's when they decided to tell us one of the items ordered wasn't available anymore. Did they just expect that person not to eat that day? Never spending a cent there again

  26. dltl says:

    Waited 15 min for our drinks. Waited another 45 and 1 hour after initially ordering wings I walked out. Can't hold people hostage for food.

  27. I wonder if it was really him, or some random guy that looked kinda similar

  28. dltl says:

    Bad day to have an identical twin.

  29. dltl says:


  30. dltl says:

    122? Holy shiet! Where the heck are ya? I have no frame of reference as I top out sub 100

  31. dltl says:

    Used to be the Wegmans bulk section but they got rid of it with the pandemic. Good luck I usually order online.

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