1. dkoj says:

    Kristen looks so fine in that god awful dress

  2. also the scene with her talking to Veronica supports this headcanon

  3. if i remember correctly, scratch was trying to put an image of himself entering the room which would make hotch shoot him, when it actually would have been one of the team

  4. Yes, but that was before the ending. When Scratch was getting into the police car, he looked at Hotch and smirked, and tapped his head. He also told JJ & Morgan, when they found him hiding, that they don’t know what he put in Hotch’s head. He also said, “I win.” Even though he surrendered.

  5. oh right. i was also confused about that, have no idea what it was about to this day

  6. Veronica? seriously? y’all do realise Ella’s right there?

  7. there’s an article on TVD fandom called ‘episode title analysis’. you can check it out, it states who said the s08 title lines and in which episode

  8. some minor details are different from what you describe, but i’m pretty sure it’s 7x05 ‘From childhood’s hour’

  9. Then when Bonnie and Grams re-seal the tomb, the seal breaks as soon as she dies. Maybe they're just not always clear about how they're binding spells.

  10. the seal didn’t break. it was unstable for a while, but the tomb stayed sealed — they’ve trapped Katherine there in season 2

  11. Can anyone tell me what Alice meant when she whispered "now", after she told Aro he would not stop the fight in spite of the vision?

  12. she was telling Bella it was the time for Renesmee and Jacob to run

  13. Cece Drake suits her so much

  14. Ezra gets the honourable mention just for the scene where Aria confronts him about Maggie, saying that he could’ve mentioned Maggie when the whole nastiness with Jackie was brought up, he says something along the lines of “Oh but you took your sweet time telling me about A” — and Aria actually conceded

  15. the hunters stressed that it was a weapon to ~ ‘eradicate all vampires’. it makes sense they thought there would be more than enough for everyone

  16. Henry Sr and it’s not even close

  17. when they didn’t even give him screen time to mourn jo & when literally no one reacted to her and the twins death…. god i was mad

  18. why on earth would any one person use the word unaliving

  19. that is horrible. thanks for your reply!

  20. elena encouraging care to go for it with matt would have been her being a bad friend. she knows he’s still pining after her, knowingly pushing your best friend in the arms of a guy who loves you is lowkey evil lol. what elena said was good and tactful

  21. I wouldn’t say David is objectively hot as Hook, I think beauty is too subjective to draw such comparison. But you do have a point with the evil aesthetic. However, my annoyance is not about people finding X character hot, but rather about a comment section being about something that shallow rather than discussing the main events of the episode.

  22. season 11 is the worst. seasons 1 & 2 are the absolute best

  23. so that everyone would know she isn’t blind

  24. nature definitely outsmarted the Crescent curse because nature outsmarts the werewolf curse, which is far more powerful

  25. he’s so hot with those sunglasses every time i rewatch it knocks me out

  26. Gepetto & August were precious

  27. Vlad is the most full love interest, with the most CGs, screen time & development

  28. I know you posted almost a year ago and it’s weird to answer now but yeah 😭I loved Nick and Cassie way more then Adam and Cassie. Reading the books made me really dislike the idea of soulmates in general because it made me actually think about it. Liking/loving someone because a connection starts to develop and grow or just not having a choice. bleh.

  29. preach. cassie loving adam was an obligation and it caused her and others unavoidable unnecessary pain. cassie being with nick was like a breath of fresh air

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