This sign at my dog groomer

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  1. 11. You don’t leave a very distinct odor on your hairdresser that follows them home lol

  2. My job got rinsed off the beach like it was never even there, there are chinooks in the parking lot, all my job prospects on the beach? Gone.

  3. Fish getting their revenge on those boats

  4. The shrimp saw those shrimp boats like that and did a collective sigh of relief

  5. I live in cypress lake off Winkler and Daniels, no flooding, lots of wind damage, power is still out, got a notice that water would be pressurizing soon. Cell service and internet are super spotty.

  6. My job got rinsed off the face of the earth, all my prospective jobs on the beach? Also rinsed.

  7. There’s an entire San Pedro subreddit idk what else you could want

  8. The two story red building on the right is Edelweiss burgers, and the small building in front of it is Yo! Taco.

  9. San Carlos Island is basically destroyed

  10. Do yourself a favor, don’t go lookin for the watermark.

  11. Wind damage. Minimal flooding. At least for my parents in the heart of Gayeway. Lanais and trees down, no internet, no water I believe. Power is on.

  12. It blew my fence over and ripped my storm shutters off

  13. Welp looks like my house is probably under water

  14. Fuck it I’m gonna say it…

  15. Now you can change your avatar!

  16. What has he started saying? I’m out of the loop.

  17. The upside down pot leaf is the absolute best avatar for this sub

  18. I’m half a step away from leaving the good faith and activating my legion of alts to infiltrate and destroy from within

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