1. This doesn't show a true picture of what life is like 3 years into Brexit. The man in the image has 7 cans, the only people left that can afford that much alcohol are the 1% and Tory donors.

  2. Is this like when he talked about painting buses to try and muck with Brexit bus search results? Or like when JRM lay down in Parliament to fuck round wi5 “JRM lies” results?

  3. It's an article about tonight's fluff piece interview on TalkTV hosted by his bestest chum old Nads Dorries.

  4. Hang on, I know my tiny violin's around here somewhere...

  5. “We could go into the biggest local elections since 2019 not even fielding a full slate of candidates,” an ex-Cabinet minister told i.

  6. Why are we giving this bloviating liar the light if day about his absurd past times.

  7. It's about the fluff piece TalkTV interview hosted by Nadine Dorries which the Independent states:

  8. Just to be nitpicky, the UK's homicide rate generally rose from 1996 to 2004, and didn't drop significantly below 1996 levels until 2008.

  9. Even at the UK's peak which you say was 2004, the US was way ahead the of UK in homicides.

  10. My point was that changes in firearms laws in the UK after 1996 didn't seem to make much of a difference in overall homicide rates, since it took nine years for them to drop significantly.

  11. Zero school shootings since 1996, I would say that's a damn huge deal.

  12. Unfortunately we need to get the narcissistic Tory twats out, until then we are going to have to sit on our little island tying not to drown in all the sewage.

  13. I mean, Corbyn was pretty shit. I still voted for him as he's better than the tories but he was shit at leading a party, politically naive and also had a stupid anti-NATO stance which looks especially dumb since Russia invaded Ukraine. He spent his whole career in the backbenches for a reason and I wish Labour had chosen a better leader

  14. Boris stood by Russia and blamed the EU in 2014 for Russia attacking Ukraine, we still voted that human catastrophe in.

  15. I wasn't disagreeing, I was adding to your statement.

  16. Oh yeah this is real, I literally had an Thames Water engineer on site last week using dowsing rods to find our incoming water supply. Turns out he was pretty bob on but had to be pure luck.

  17. He would have had the same result if he stuck his thumb up his arse to guide him to the pipe... next they'll be using Ouija boards so the dead can guide them to a leak.

  18. I lived near a lovely river... now after 12 years of Tories I live near an open sewer.

  19. Fuck this channel, it's now just full of torture porn, massacres and fucked up comments from kids that get hard seeing women being punched.

  20. Banning books about gay issues/topics isn’t going to make us go away or disappear.

  21. You're being used as a fear tactic for votes, Republicans have nothing to offer except fear of the other.

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