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  1. I’ll give you both half credit. The original comment because the best Cumberland is in 2021, the reply because it’s at SPAC.

  2. Gorge ‘18 is clearly the game changer for D&Co Cumberland. Maybe there’s a more recent one that built on that foundation, but the second set/post space Cumberland universe was born that night. JM mentions the idea of “notching a high score” for all the songs on this final tour. Like an arcade style game where there exists a “high score” achieved for certain versions of songs. (Would love to know their “scorecard”)

  3. I get Tenn Jed and ramble confused more often.

  4. That's kind of a bummer opinion

  5. Goose is not that awesome. The viral nature of blow up annoys me and even my younger cousin is super into them, and I have tried over and over to get into it but it just doesn’t do it for me. If I want that vibe I would listen to phish. Which is. Not often.

  6. Really hope you get a Quinn The Eskimo, Bobby doesn't bust it out too often. Luckily heard one at Hershey two years ago!

  7. I know they haven't played it but I'm hoping for a And we bid you goodnight on Sunday in SF, actually I'm hoping for a Brokedown Palace>Bid You Goodnight encore

  8. As someone who spends hours in line to get a decent spot up front, this is a line of defense against all of the assholes that think GA tickets grants them access to anywhere they want, anytime.

  9. The last one… citi ‘22 JM goes off for an extra solo

  10. I’m in FL and have to make travel arrangements so I usually try to get them when they first come out. I was lucky to secure the tickets I wanted during pre-sale. It’s too stressful/risky for me to wait it out.

  11. For D&C I am partial to ATL ‘19 but also like Cincy ‘22 with a slick transition into Easy Answers and back.

  12. The 6/13/17 Lakewood show is available on YouTube. Official Dead and co page. Check it out.

  13. Not sure. I have been waiting patiently for Candyman to resurface.

  14. I thought Hershey in 2021 would have been appropriate. I’m chasing this as well

  15. Was lucky to have got one of the last versions (fenway’17) but my favorite is by far the version from Bristow VA 2016. Worth a listen

  16. The Eat A Peach version (live from Filmore) is a great version

  17. I have been at same place for last 6yrs and have a good amount of people who request my section, what complicates it all is that we pool tips… Last year I got a Christmas card with a $50 from one regular couple (clearly for me AND not the pool) This year they came in with friends and ended up leaving an extremely generous tip on the C.C… which unfortunately was split in the pool.

  18. Love Viola Lee from them. Seen them perform it a number of times but my favorite is actually my first. 11/11/15 from Buffalo. It’s very raw blues version with an INSANE jam that transitions into Wang Dang Doodle. It’s available on or Relisten app. If you like D&C Viola this is a must listen.

  19. That was a good one. I am on your picture somewhere, but i think that your picture was taken before first song sometime?

  20. I was there too! Incredible Sunday show. If I remember correctly didn’t they finish dark star in the 2nd set?

  21. Yes they played V.2 out of Space in second set!

  22. I went to HS with Norb, so I have kind of been following since the beginning and got to see shows over the past 15+ years.

  23. Twiddle is awesome and puts on a fun show. Weird and catchy tunes. Funk, reggae, psychedelic rock.

  24. I was fortunate enough to see the tour opener for 2021 which was the first show back from Covid. It was probably far from the best show of that tour but the joy I felt to be there with everyone is hard to describe.

  25. Agree. Not the best show but being there was special. Despite the rain.

  26. This could be the dumbest post I’ve ever seen on here…. What are you even trying to say?

  27. Honestly want to know where this thought process came from, was that a serious question? It didnt seem like a serious question, if it was I apologize, and wish you luck.

  28. Awesome! Thank you! Really appreciate the tips. Super stoked.

  29. Yes, they usually have an offical merch tent or trailer set up Outside the venue. Usually limited to venue specific stuff. (Posters, pins and t shirts). Full merch selection inside

  30. I might be the only one……. But, I am a big fan of his lead vocal on Standing on the Moon. Alpine Vally 7/10/16

  31. I really like Ak-Chin Pavilion, Pheonix, AZ, 5/28/2017... Bertha and Sugaree both are great performances by John

  32. Hell yeah! I was at the Fenway ‘17 show when he sang it the first time. It was an epic stand alone version. Worth a listen

  33. Oteil is such a good balladeer, his vocals are pure

  34. For dead and co. I would recommend 7/13/16 from Starlake PA. JM goes hard with some Trey style shredding.

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