1. My dad wanted me to change it before she saw it. As far as I know she is lovely, my brothers like her and for the short time i knew her before moving she was great, she even co-signed my student loan. its out of her character to be upset about it, maybe my dad was being extra cautious, but that doesn't explain why he'd be okay with me being left out.

  2. I completely agree with you. I'm sure they're lovely people, but they're only seeing things from their perspective. Changing your comment fixes their problem, but not yours.

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. my dad is making me feel so bad because his gf co-signed my student loan. Hes making it seem like I'm obligated to.

  4. I don't think OP knows what an unpopular opinion is, I think OP wanted to be received as a king.

  5. Nope, just didn't want death threats in my DMs

  6. It doesn't make sense to describe someone less than a year old using years as the unit. That's like using miles as a unit to describe a football field.

  7. Of course it doesn't. Use months till they hit a year. Then you have a year and a half, 2 years, ect.

  8. It is perfectly fine to have your wedding over an hour away. You just need to recognize that it's no longer a local wedding. And, as such, some people may not attend.

  9. The plan is to have a formal reception go till about 9 and then those who are older or need to go home will be leaving. Those who are okay with heavey drinking and partying are more than welcomed to stay, but the party will be till the wee hours of the morning. His family is already okay with this as none of them drink and his immediate family does not like being around drinking

  10. 1 hour away- I'd go for the day and drive home. More than that, I'd want to get a hotel and stay.

  11. There will be no kids at the wedding and his family doesn't drink. Most of his family doesn't drive anyway and will need transportation anyway

  12. Take the pills. You're girlfriend sounds incredibly stupid. Everything comes with risks. My mom is on 7 different pills for her schizophrenia and when she doesn't take them she can't function. You're girlfriend does not sound supportive of your mental illness if she's threatening to break up over pills you need.

  13. Conservative, probably still think trump is the president, gun owning, hillbilly farmers/cowboys.

  14. With a tattoo you either have good or shit. There isn't a "that bad".tattoos are permanently works. I wouldn't wouldn't want either of these tattoos because they Don't fall into the good category

  15. Am I the only one that feels like the skulls tattoo will look way better healed than it does fresh? The shading isn't smooth or uniform, but I think once the ink settles it will turn into an okay tattoo rather than a shitty one.

  16. It looks worst healed but don't have a photo

  17. Quick check- do you exclude researchers from the umbrella of "scientist"?

  18. OP never said they wanted to go into research. Psychology research imo doesn't make you a scientist

  19. Yes. Psychology is labelled as a social science / human where I am.

  20. Sort of. Applying for a new visa while one is pending normally cancels the one that is pending. Furthermore, if he were to enter the country to study on a torist visa he could get in serious trouble and may be banned from the country.

  21. For your last sentence, did you mean if he were to enter on a tourist visa to study, he would get in trouble? Thank you!!

  22. Yes sorry. I have edited my original comment

  23. If you really want to study in the UK look into access access higher education courses.

  24. You have boundaries, and that's okay. Deciding to move togetheris a big commitment and change of life. However, a couple factors come into play. Have you guys met in person? How long have you been together? Who's in a better position to move? Would both of you relocating be better? You both sounds like you're not on the same page about closing the distance. A sit down phone/video call may be in order to discuss all those things listed above.

  25. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just something comfy. I don't think anyone would want to wear something expemsive to give brith in anyway.

  26. According to my wife once delivery started she wasn’t even aware of what she was wearing. Our hospital was pretty adamant that unless you were wearing a robe or very very loose fitting dress they wanted you in their gown instead. No pants. No long sleeve tops. Anything like that just gets in the way of medical care.

  27. Again, don't see why anyone would want long sleeves when giving brith and of course pants are a no. OP is suggesting a dress or robe option

  28. LITHA only works if you're doing proper cleaning. Saline soaks are outdated and don't work. You're comparing an outdated, frowned upon method, with a method you're doing incorrectly.

  29. I've noticed it's mostly British people who get offended. I've lived in the UK for almost a year and get constantly berated about bring American. Its not any better on the British subreddits, there is at least one post a day complaining about Americans or an Americian thing becoming popular. Someone posted how they headed how America is pushing their fast food in the British people with a Tim Hortons opening in the UK. Tim Hortons Is Canadian, once thay was pointed out people didn't care.

  30. Anyone else bothered by how she said "skimpy thong"? You're sexualising this girl along with the boys at the park. Except, you're acting like she's a prostitute. If her parents had a problem with it they would of done something by now.

  31. Remember they're gradually moving everything to crunchyroll. I was having the same problem with black clover, except it only failed to load on my Samsung TV. Insignia TV and android played it just fine. One piece might've been moved already though.

  32. I know. I'm not getting chruchyrool, however, until I only my show is on there. This merger has been absolutely garbage

  33. Sure am! For this style I’d set aside a whole day so yeah they are about right

  34. I looked you up on insta. If you would set a whole day aside for that and charge 2k you're funny. I wouldn't pay $80 for the flash you advertise.

  35. I love how they deleted their profile after your burn

  36. You cannot switch to any other visa inside the UK on a tourist visa. You will need to fly home and apply there.

  37. Are you currently in the UK? If so, on what visa.

  38. Tip: go to a professional tattoo artist. Doing SnP at home can lead to infections, plus you edn up with shitty tattoos.

  39. Reported and downvoted for not being about hair dye and being an ad.

  40. Yep, usual. Some unis take a month + to get one

  41. Sounds about right for the price. The cheaper you go the less likey you'd get the results you want from a salon. This can easily be replicated at home, though.

  42. Try switching to Crunchyroll. Funimation is literally shutting down soon. I can’t fathom why anyone is still using Funimation when it’s shutting down? Just switch to Crunchyroll already.

  43. Not worth switching to crunchyroll yet.

  44. Black clover hasn't been working on mobile or PS4 for the past 4 weeks. No clue why, I'm on season 4 and had no issues till recently.

  45. People can be friends with people thay have diffrent political views...

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