1. Hungarian is the only commonly spoken language in Europe that uses ő (o with two slashes above). As for Czech and Slovak... good luck

  2. Wow, whoever worked on Virginia is goated! I sure hope he included my favorite Shenandoah Valley CDP of Keezletown 😁

  3. Memorize every city in the U.S. with more than 100,000 people! (There's 339)

  4. 619 (excluding Farmington and Lyon) with 61 cities starting with BA (includes one alternate name)

  5. Virginia Beach,Newark,Newport news,Norfolk,Roanoke,Richmond and Alexandria are all I can name

  6. Nice! Just don't forget Arlington. Most populated CDP in the country. It's located directly across the river from Washington D.C.

  7. New England uses towns (similar to townships) to incorporate cities.

  8. The census's list of places (incorps and CDPs) only uses the real city boundaries for a few northeast cities. The others are either CDPs that correspond to the urban area or not even on the list. Minor Civil Divisions are a much better way to count incorporated towns.

  9. You also didn't include most of the boroughs of Pennsylvania-these are another form of incorporated town exclusive to PA and NJ.

  10. Just realized you're only including "cities", not towns, etc. I will say that the way states classify incorporated places is not the same. Some states' only clarification of an incorporated place is "city," such as Kansas, Iowa and Kentucky. Other states also have a town classification, and a select few also have village.

  11. Hanga Roa is the only city on Easter Island. In Salah is yet to be added

  12. Take a group of cities you want to learn. It could be an arbitrary selection or a set with a specific criteria. When I say group, this could be hundreds of cities. Split this group into 5-10 cities at a time and memorize these individually. Rinse and repeat until you've memorized all of the cities you want to learn. This is how I've been learning every city in my home state (Virginia) and it has been working pretty well.

  13. France has 36000 so why is Guiana light green ?

  14. I'm going by what the site uses. This is also why St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha are split up instead of being counted as one territory

  15. Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Santa Maria

  16. Cool! Any tips on how to find a town where I can do this if I want to do the same? Just zoom in anywhere on the map and look around, or is there some ways to narrow the search area a bit? :)

  17. I just searched randomly and found this place and noticed its lack of roads compared to nearby towns. I like mapping roads in places there are little/none

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