1. The greatest TV shows are never fully thought out from the beginning - Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and even The Expanse was not fully planned out from the start. It is always fascinating how writers make the plot work as the show is being filmed by observing how well the actors interact.

  2. Dark was mapped out. So was 1899, but we will never get to see what the creators had planned out for that show :(

  3. I thought Vadic was going to morph into Wesley when she taunting Beverley about losing another son.

  4. Probably the same place that does replica jackets like the Indiana Jones ones, but this might be too recent or niche for them to stock anytime soon.

  5. I always wondered how Picard could still hear the borg? I think we all assumed it was from residual implants/nanobots, but now I’m wondering if it was more to do with his brain physiology, the the Borg rewrite something in his dna, leaving him susceptible to the voice of the collective. Could this in tern have been passed on the Jack?

  6. Human beings like Charlie Evans and Gary Mitchell had their biology rewritten to give them insane psychic powers. Perhaps the Borg assimilated a species that could confer milder version of these powers, either naturally or technologically, to the collective.

  7. What have you guys done with Tuvok?

  8. Why is nobody getting the red eyes? Does anyone remember when Jake Sisko had those??? Talk about an OP changeling, it’s not Borg! It’s the Pah Wraiths!

  9. Speaking of the Sisko family, Benjamin was born as a result of the Prophets possessing Sarah. So it could be possible for them to manipulate Beverley and Jean-Luc into creating Jack for them. It could explain what Data was trying to explain about Jean-Luc's "anomalous form" before Lore took over.

  10. Unless yoon is willing to go full taliban then he is not going to see any success.

  11. Unless you are dealing with an entry level smartphone.

  12. Published 27 March 2023 • 10:52am according to the article.

  13. Probably better off restricting the sale of spray paint. Quite a few places have done that already to mixed success.

  14. A big thing in grafitti is "racking" or stealing paint, it's actually seen as good if you steal it instead of buy it. You've got to really lock it down.

  15. Yep, by trying to stop one crime they ended up creating even more.

  16. Even Cheerful Charlie got fed up of the rules but the end of season 2, even he began to think that the local council were using the rules as a hammer against Clarkson.

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