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  1. Complaining about homophobia in the same sentence Lmfao

  2. when he demeans his chat, the chat thinks, "oh I'm the exception. I totally get him and understand him, we're the same. These other viewers are cringe"

  3. no its not you are just too dumb to understand that one can be racist and still watch sports with black people, it happens already

  4. “If you're white, they almost have a reverse-racism thing happening where they call you handsome just for being white even if you're ugly af.“

  5. im not even white but you are on the highest dose of copium possible lmao

  6. the combat was and still is always terrible lol. they need to stop trying to incorporate dark souls style combat into mmos. It doesnt work, it only works in fromsoft games.

  7. you are fucking retarded, I dont care to explain, move along

  8. Just a loud minority tbh. Combat is fine and most people like it.

  9. lol even within the game's own forums and subs people complain about it, everyone that tries it mentions the combat being weak

  10. its unironically the worst combat out of all larger mmos, its like way ahead of every other game in terms of being bad in that regard nothing else comes close

  11. not quite, they said they feel combat in MMOs is outdate and they are recruiting people experienced in action combat

  12. I really hope that isnt the case, to me combat is the most important and I have never played an mmo with action combat that didnt get stale super quick (yes even bdo and lost ark), I hope its at least somewhat hybrid

  13. For me, I've realized that there still hasn't been any other MMORPG with an engine as responsive and a combat system as fluid/seamless as WoW's. The graphics may not be next-gen, but damn it feels good to execute abilities in the game without any feeling of delay, "floatiness", or clunkiness.

  14. this should be stated more, WoW's combat is extremely underrated, I still watch pvp from time to time even when not playing the game at all. Even vanilla's combat feels better than a lot of modern mmos imo. Its timeless

  15. I've had poor performance past the tree sentinel. Very choppy in some areas and sometimes even freezes for 4 seconds at a time.

  16. yea same here, i thought it would get better according to people here and nope, still the same

  17. thats really bad wow. Playing on borderless window helped a lot with stutters but im still getting fps drops especially in limegrave, if it helps the fps actually does get better in the later zones for some reason, like altus, mt. gelmir, snow areas, etc...

  18. ps5 version is still not fixed after the patch for me, getting drops and stutters. Playing the ps4 version on the ps5 is still the most optimal for performance unfortunately. Funnily enough, I have been getting better performance on my pc than my ps5 lol

  19. 2070 super r5 3600, hopefully the fix it. I played every single from game and I really would rather play this one on my pc instead of my ps5. None of the fixes work for me. I get random drops in the open world especially on the open field bosses

  20. Stuters mainly occur on new areas or effects envirenment loaded. But once loaded next time there is no stutter. So a guy does this trick then goes back in the game at the same spot and see no stutters.

  21. i have been in limegrave for a while now exploring and no the stuttering is still there no matter how many times i go back and forth

  22. Yea I prefer western MMOs like WoW. You pay for the game, then pay for each expansion, then pay a monthly sub, and then you can also pay for in game currency to buy gear and boosts.

  23. pay for the game, subscription, expansion, and still has an in game store with cosmetics, on top of having a token that basically functions as a gateway for p2w. No wonder wow has had no growth at all and is still stuck with the same old delusional stone age boomer playerbase. I tried so many times to get my friends into wow and it never worked, it worked for lost ark, NW, and gw2. The subscription is a genuine turn off for a lot of people. I really hope all games move on from that dumb ancient practice

  24. I don't know about any. You can watch us die out as a nation and culture. While intermarriage thins out what was left of our people.

  25. its common for american assyrians from what I have heard, its inevitable that a lot of us will assimilate into the west, especially when we are so fragmented

  26. Do you think its uncommon to see anti assyrian sentiment which is overwhelmingly pushed by kurds on social media? why do you thank that is? if it doesnt reflect reality as I am assuming you believe, why is it 9/10 times kurds that do it? you dont see it nearly as much with turks nor arabs.

  27. We lived peacefully as humble Christian people in northern Iraq, Turkey, all the way to urmia. Seyfo led us all to the brink of extinction, and spreading the remainder all over the world. The absolute MAIN culprits being kurds. Moreover, we continue to disappear because of assimilation.

  28. khon/ahun, I agree with you lol, should I have mentioned that I was being sarcastic in the second part of my post


  30. "I see more hate coming from assyrians"

  31. The Aborigines themselves don't really follow genetic-only inheritance. If you were raised in aboriginal family and are culturally aboriginal, thats it, you're aboriginal. If most of your friends growing up were aboriginal and you speak and act like they do, you're aboriginal. Or you can be accepted by a clan and given a skin name and become initiated, henceforth you will be aboriginal. Sometimes, if you even have 1/256th Aboriginal ancestry, and no cultural links whatsoever, but are willing to learn, you can be accepted by the community as aboriginal.

  32. jesus christ what a delusional dipshit you are. Walls of texts repeating the same garbage over and over

  33. How can a person change their race and ethnicity by just learning and following a culture? It's factually delusional in nature. Also, I have not even stated anything about marriages outside, and you are just making that up.

  34. brother you are wasting your time here, they are delusional. They unironically believe that you can just hop into another ethnic group by just emulating their traditions and learning their language lmao. I guess by their logic if I only eat with chopsticks, eating Japanese cuisine, practicing japanese mannerism, and knowing the language then I too can be japanese! All the weebs' dreams can come true!

  35. Chaldeans are very split on this issue. Some say we are chaldeans and are separate, some believe that we are a sect of assyrians, some believe that we are very close to assyrians but not the same, and some even believe that assyrians are chaldeans.

  36. I am western assyrian from tur abdin. Arameans are mostly common in Germany and a somewhat common in sweden, generally speaking most syriacs or western assyrians call themselves suryoye rather than aramean. Also, syriacs from iraq and some parts of syria (other than beth zalin/qamishlo) are not really the same as those from turkey as they tend to be arabized and only syriac when doing their prayer, not sure how to explain it myself but they are kind of their own group compared to us from Tur abdin. I dont even know if the iraqi syriacs speak the same dialect as us outside of prayer, so that might be a reason. Arameans do try to spread their movement everywhere though not sure what you mean, there are arameans in israel/palestine, lebanon, etc...

  37. No syriacs from mosul speak Arabic only and the others speak their own distinct dialect that is very different from Tur Abdin.

  38. that makes sense, 95% of western assyrians and arameans are in europe.

  39. and nobody gives a damn about singapore, and I doubt the average westerner knows what Luxembourg is other than people that live in that country. Bad comparison. Numbers would 100% help in all cases, swedes did not know who we were until sodertalje became half assyrian. Most americans still dont know what an assyrian is, how many of us have to explain to people all the time that we arent arabs, turks, kurds, etc.... or "arab christians". Thats not even the main problem though, the problem is that even if there are 2 million of us (throwing it a number here) almost 10% are gonna be aramean, and the rest chaldean and another chunk identifying as assyrians, we are not united at all which makes matters even worse

  40. Europeans know about Luxembourg, it's got a fair presence within the EU economically and politically, many go there for work from Portugal especially, then obviously it's part of Benelux and borders France and Germany.

  41. fair enough, but luxembourg isnt surrounded by the likes of isis, baathist regimes, kurds, and sultan erdogan

  42. Being a non-Assyrian, and belonging to Syriac Churches doesn't make one, Assyrian as he said, regardless of whatever ideologies(inclusive or anything). There are even millions of people following Syriac Churches across the world, besides Assyrians.

  43. this sub is so fucking dumb sometimes lmao, if it was kurd that said they can be assyrian by joining one of our churches they would flame him. hypocritical sensitive idiots

  44. if you mean chaldean catholic as for the religion then who cares, its a religion. As far as ethnicity, you will never change that, you cant just "become" and ethnicity. Using this logic all weebs can be japanese which is ridiculous. And personally i would like to stick to my own kind, imo we wont survive as a group if its otherwise. You can appreciate the culture and learn the language without trying to become another ethnicity

  45. well i would like to imagine we would have had a country maybe

  46. watch out you triggered this schizo that is replying to everyone that we should fuck foreigners

  47. dont bother replying to him, hes a troll

  48. this same guy made like 3 threads trying to gaslight assyrians using the bible for interracial marriage. Some slimey snake tier tactic

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