1. You said there is a fix on the way. Any word on this? This is still a problem for me 2 months later. Also, where are you seeing a fix is on the way

  2. I was paid $7k for a reel I only have 80k followers. Another friend of mine with even less followers was paid 17k by Verizon.

  3. Verizon is paying a premium for the creative assets. Most brands that arent fortune 500 companies want to pay fair CPM rates. I am a brand. Your rates scared me.

  4. True. There are probably some animals that actually net-benefit from garbage though. I'm thinking raccoons and skunks.

  5. I lost a chargeback once where the item was shown as delivered by FedEx, the FedEx photo clearly showed the customer’s porch (vs street view), AND I submitted proof that I sent a free replacement that was also received per the above and signed for by the recipient.

  6. I stopped allowing amex and paypal and my chargebacks have been reduced by 90%. Scares people away. People that do chargebacks know what theyre doing.

  7. This is interesting insight. I havent enabled PayPal on my site and might not.

  8. Yeah, i mean weigh the options for your shop. I established a name for myself. I knew my fans would come back and new customers would too without PayPal. I also had a lot of social proof and evidence of happy and successful easy returns or exchanges on sites like trustpilot.

  9. Can i get a confirmation from someone who already downloaded that pdf from that Redditor stranger, that it is Indeed a harmless guide, and not a super computer virus that will send AI generated NSFW images of me to all my relatives and then explode my pc?

  10. Lol. Let the webpage load. See for yourself. Cant get a virus unless you download something and then run that something. And then allow that something operating system permissions.

  11. OT but actually that's not entirely true. There are a number of bugs in software that cause it to accidentally run the data you're downloading as if it was code. For example

  12. Thanks for informing me. Def gonna check this out. Appreciate the info.

  13. I don't ship high risk orders anymore. I had one that popped up with high risk. I contacted the buyer to see if legit. Documented and tracked everything with evidence.

  14. Don’t quote me on this but I believe even if they are “legit” some buyers actually get categorized as high risk for having a chargeback history.

  15. They are high risk for a reason. The financial institutions think they are a fraud risk. Who cares if they aren’t. If they might be, why risk it?

  16. Im an experienced seller and i do the same thing. I don’t allow any level of risk orders to come through. They are always automatically cancelled immediately.

  17. Its the same deal as getting an offer in the mail for that guy that will replace your windows and he’ll give you a special deal because he just did the neighbor’s down the street. That type a thing.

  18. If you worked for Shopify, you would know you aren’t supposed to identify yourself as an employee and answer questions randomly on social media.

  19. Who cares if a rando identifies themselves as a Shopify employee to point out that someone should respond to their email and read the terms of service. Pretty basic stuff.

  20. There is only one condition a CRM / HelpDesk / Email (Call it whatever you want) has to be able to do before I even think about it: Integration with Shopify. In the ecommerce era you have to see straightaway what you ecommerce customer is talking about without opening 5 other apps.

  21. I use hey for shopify support along with shopify inbox. We have multiple apps going. Works awesome to be honest. Gorgias was overkill and basically always flooded and became messy. Had amazing sidebar with lots of data. But weak system to keep up with for support people.

  22. Shopify Capital is the equivalent to a “Check Into Cash”. Its for people with no options if they need cash. Terms are bad. Cash is easy. This is true for most but if you’re a doing big sales your offer may be an exception to this rule.

  23. New mecha, old zilla, third base, finger missiles

  24. Did you find Gorgias via the shopify app or did they email your store? Just wondering because I keep getting emails from alan.m-at-gorgias.io and I accidently opened it and it contained an image so I'm wondering if it's legit or not.

  25. Im sure its legit. The company offers the product it says it does. I am just critical of their approach. I dont remember how i first heard about Gorgias but they sponsor like half of all ecommerce events so you hear about them everywhere.

  26. Check out reamaze. We’ve been using them for years and it’s been very stable for us. Nearly all the features of gorgias and our CS team never complains. They also have a ticket rather than seat based pricing structure if you ask them.

  27. Thank you for the endorsement. Will check it out.

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