1. Drug overdose, unsure if intentional. 4 years ago. I think about her everyday, sometimes angrily.

  2. If you wait for the ice to melt. Just adding a little cold water has an immediate effect

  3. Then by all means continue to use ice. I often will add an ice cube to my drink, but I'm not new to enjoying whiskey. Op was asking specifically how to get rid of the burn. So I gave him the simplest easiest fool proof way to do that, without ruining the whiskey.

  4. Ahhh, gotcha. Wasn't joking. I guess there are 2 versions of the MCAT. Good luck!!! And have a great day

  5. Pretty sure kids aren't as PC as you adults and prolly interested in guns and other projectile weaponry.

  6. Not sure what you're saying but I bet it sounded good in your head.

  7. Your asshole looks like the perfect cock warmer

  8. part 2 just came out of season 4. explains the ending of part 1 season 4

  9. Thanks, I just finished it, lol. When I wrote that, I thought it ended that way.

  10. I can't believe anyone would vote for Reagan, knowing now what he did then. Especially what he did to the American automobile industry

  11. Saving them from the soviets might be why. And gas prices were terrible under Carter. Things were REALLY BAD.

  12. He didn't save a single American from the Soviets

  13. East of Eden because it's a great story and could have been 1,000 more pages and I would have still been happy. Steinbeck always leaves you wanting more

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