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  1. What's her vision? My wife's was 2500/2500. There's is a computer program called Angel eyes Commission for the blind has some really good things that will help make life easier

  2. And they chant a don't by Jack White who's from Michigan

  3. Listen man. I'm poor. You'll take the taco bell value menu from my cold, dead fuckin hands.

  4. Tacos at an authentic place are usually $1.50 each

  5. I like how he used a picture of Harry Kane as this. Ultimate England vs USA joke.

  6. The first one is just people jogging while chasing a ball. The second one is actually a sport with scoring and action

  7. 5 billion people watch the first one whereas less than 300 million watch the second. Those 5 billion people must have a point if they're watching 'people jogging while chasing a ball'.

  8. 5 billion people must be brain dead to watch that boring ass game

  9. Is it bad if I say that white people can’t cook for shit

  10. Your screen name proves that you don't need to ask this

  11. After dinner and bowling we were making it in my truck. Cops pulled up and wanted to see our IDs. She refused she got arrested for stabbing her "boyfriend" 12 times

  12. Idk, this was the first and last time we met. The cop told me to quit meeting women on dating web sites

  13. I can't believe anyone would vote for him. He's a super trumper

  14. Voters of the 10th district think otherwise

  15. Yeah, no thanks. She looks more like prison material than wifey material. I hope she tatts we're done with clean needles and ink

  16. That is very not Eminem. Give GMAC some credit, sheesh.

  17. I believe I had that same motel room. Coyote Lodge

  18. This was taken at an air bnb we had rented. It was in Bailey CO.

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