1. I like having separate docs just to see how many words I've written in a particular chapter, whether I've reached the minimum threshold for the word count yet.

  2. Isn't pantser just someone who doesn't plan as they write?

  3. Oh yeah, definitely! What I meant was someone who both pants and posts as they go, hoping you can think of a good way to tie everything together as you publish each chapter

  4. I did this once. Basically, I asked those people personally for their requests and then when I posted them, I explained that I had taken requests from people who had supported my work and explained their requests in the chapter notes.

  5. Oh that's a good idea! My only problem is that I don't know them on any other platform :< Maybe I'll respond to their comment, then edit it so others don't see it?

  6. I honestly think you don't need to worry about people getting jealous. When I did it, I explained that I sought out requests from people who had been supportive the whole time. And most people aren't going to read your comments in the first place, let alone get mad they weren't asked for a request. Just goes to show, honestly. How could you ask for a request if they didn't comment? Caint reply to comments they didn't give.

  7. Ah I see. Do you recommend I put something in the author's note a few chapters before the end, like "Hey, I'm going to be opening requests for regular commenters in another few chapters. If you want to participate, do try to comment!" or is that too baity?

  8. One doesn't need to find the specific noun for lesser known types flowers or buildings or clothing or whatever. The best strategy is to simply describe it.

  9. Oh that's a good point! But what if I want to look at more of the thing or find similar kinds to the thing?

  10. I usually do if I finish the fic and enjoyed it and the ending didn’t upset me.

  11. Can you explain more on what you mean by an ending is upsetting to you?

  12. Hmm depends in what circles they run in so it is a man falling for the woman or the other way around and how late into the Victorian Era?

  13. It's...It's an A/B/O fic... Very late in the era, although this is a fictional universe altogether with fictional countries, just loosely based on the UK irl

  14. Haha, well that makes it tad more difficult so what are the nations and their political situations

  15. I honestly haven't thought of those parts xD Was just focusing on the romance. I just needed to know if there are certain scenarios where A and B could be together to establish enough a connection in one or two months xD

  16. Maybe have John see Dave and Mary have a little moments of closeness. Or explore John's insecurities (or possibly disbelief? I don't know Homestuck) about why Mary would like Dave more. Maybe another character could tell John about how close Dave and Mary seem.

  17. I'm not "playing with dolls!" I'm arranging these ball-jointed figures into realistic poses to figure out whether it's anatomically possible for A to get his mouth on B's dick while in this position. It's for my writing.

  18. Wait hold on that's actually a good idea, I could never actually imagine the positions in my head!

  19. Yes! I'm asking this question because the second arc of my fic will have more serious/darker topics than the first one and it might change the rating from M to E too

  20. I think it’s really dependent on how long you want the story to be and how independent the arcs are. If each story can stand alone I’d consider posting them as separate fics. If they can’t stand alone then I’d consider making them one huge fic.

  21. Can you explain more on the last part ("fandom, posting history, and what you’re trying to achieve")?

  22. Just kudosed and commented! Great read and I love the suspense at the end of that first chapter!

  23. Thank you! Reciprocated on your "Ron Weasley: Accidental Matchmaker" fic! (Spoiler: I love it!)

  24. Those commenters are the best! Do you write "dedications" for them at the beginning or end of the chapter? Like "This is for ABC and XYZ" kinda thing?

  25. Im going with the other people. I'd say you androgynize (is that a word?) the clothes for the male omegas and female alphas. Tbf I'm not too big on feminizing/masculinizing behavior, but historical stories have opportunities for such nice fashion, and if you're already doing something with the world like adding secondary genders, why not have fun and add some frills?

  26. This is such a nice idea! Do you have any suggestion on what androgynous clothes for omegas might look like?

  27. When I've read period A/B/O r Omegaverse, it is almost universally the male omegas dress like women historically would have dressed, but once you get anywhere near "modern" times, it switches back to men in pants, women in dresses - though the male omega's clothing, while "for men" is always more feminine and geared towards making them look pretty. Generally, when the setting is actually contemporary, anyone wears anything.

  28. reminded myself that my fics are still on Hiatus...

  29. War criminal wonders why people look at him weirdly now

  30. Lmao you scrolled Down to my HP fic? I'm not entirely sure if you mean just that one. It could similarly refer to all of my fics. 🙈

  31. Yes, that's the one! But it seems like it could be an entire genre on its own haha

  32. You don't read fics in the fandom you're writing for?

  33. If I were to open myself up to prompts from randos, I'd probably just make an AO3 Challenge:

  34. So many new things I'm learning today! What are challenges and how do you use them? Do you have to write all of them or just pick the ones you like? Where do you communicate that there's a challenge?

  35. I'll use the one I made as an example - the challenge is "Four Seasons - One Location":

  36. This is such great and helpful explanation! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

  37. I'm pretty sure this is by yeaka, and was deleted. "Under the Floorboards" is in this folder:

  38. Oh my god I think this is it! You are a lifesaver! But the instruction to livejournal is quite vague, I'm not sure how to find the fic on that site? Sorry to bother you again!

  39. Okay, I looked at the copy, which I didn't realize said what it did, so I found this post:

  40. I cannot thank you enough! May your crops be watered, your skin moisturized, your lane focused

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