That's a fucking black shoe

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  1. Omg I was wondering why I can't stand to look at that picture. Then I search tryphobia and more images I hate pop up lol

  2. Ditto!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I've had spinal injections done in the facet joints. Honestly, they didn't work. Their next step was going to be epidural injections. The pain from the spinal injection procedure was incredibly painful (during and after). After the local anesthesia wore off in 72 hours, it felt like I was repeatedly stabbed with needles in my back for months. Not sure if you've had this done already with good results. But if the epidural is anything like the facet injections, I'm not sure I would recommend them.

  4. Yeah they told me they didn't know why also and I am also neg on blood disorder I had 3 clots in 3 years now on thinners for life .....even tho all my clots were provoked ....🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. 1 was from and iv that turned into phelbitus and traveled to deep vein ...second was same arm I smashed it with a box of flooring right above my wrist in same arm and that clotted all way up my arm into deep vein system in 6 days .....3rd I got hit in the knee with a softball and week and half later clot in that calf .....after that one they said even from trauma still not normal stay on thinners for life ....

  6. Don't be afraid. It's very common for oncology and hematology to be grouped together, usually an oncologist is a certified hematologist because they go hand in hand. It freaked me out at first when I got the call from oncology, but it's just due to the reason I mentioned.

  7. It got rid of about 60 percent of the hair for me. And instead of shaving daily, it's only once or twice a week. So I'd say it was worth it. But I'm looking into electrolysis next.

  8. Only the mathematical kind.

  9. No worries. I've just thought of one reason why inversion might be more dangerous than a rollercoaster - if you got stuck upside down, and for some dumb reason couldn't get out, and didn't have an emergency exit, person to help you or similar nearby, then that could be a fairly bad time.

  10. That is a good point. I feel like I'm in good enough condition to not get stuck lol. But still probably should do it with someone around because shit happens.

  11. You can try Rogaine for women and Biotin supplements.Try not to use products that make your hair shiny or glossy. Use matte products and wash your hair less often (makes the hairy and scalp too shiny and noticeably thin). I also bleached and toned my hair platinum blonde (originally dark brown). And that has been the best thing so far. The white hair reflects the light before it reaches the scalp, giving the appearance of fuller hair.

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