1. only the psni are thick enough to believe that's a real gun 😄 🤣

  2. Whether or not it’s real is irrelevant under the law, if you’re making it look real and using it to terrorise someone

  3. its a very traumatic situation and if a link could be made that those threats combined with other factors most of the public likely doesnt know about ended in his death, there could be a case

  4. Go fuck yourself with your Down’s syndrome comments

  5. Where was this discrimination I've committed? Thought so. I defended myself against someone who was offending me for no reason.

  6. The fact that you can’t even see it says all I need to know about how much of a cunt you are

  7. I drive the roads between Aughnacloy, Derry and Belfast on a regular basis. There's one Irish tricolour. A single one, just off Glenshane.

  8. Mate, don't be a dumbass. If you're going between Belfast and Lderry, you're going on the motorway the whole way. There are not many flags of any sort along it.

  9. Shit I’ve been doing it wrong all these years, considering I didn’t know there was a motorway all the way from Derry to Belfast. When did they build that?

  10. Jokes aside how did the video actually get out. The driver was the one with the gun so why did he release the dash cam footage which I assume he was in control of. Even if it was a case that this footage was sent back to fona cab why would they release it knowing what it would do to their reputation all seems a bit strange.

  11. The guy who owns it will have sent it to his mates to be a hard man, and it’ll have gone from there to group chat after group chat until it goes public

  12. No wonder. He's all alone there. He needs a friend. Did she even bring him carrots?

  13. He's all alone. He isn't actually ours, and we've more adopted him than anything else. We try to visit as much as possible and to spend as much time as possible hanging out and playing with him. We're well aware that it's not ideal though, and we're trying to fix that.

  14. Thank you. that would be so good if you could fix his situation. Can you update on here?

  15. We will do, yes. Already treated a case of rain scald with advice form on here and his coat is starting to look much better agaib

  16. The border poll is like the abortion issue in the states. The dog finally caught the car, and Republicans didn’t know what to do.

  17. The DUP have built their entire raison d’etre around saying no to change. They are a party who only look backwards. SF, on the other hand, aren’t just winning votes because of demographic change - they’re doing it because they’re progressive and forward thinking. They’ll continue to win votes because of that, while the DUP continue to wither and die

  18. Certainly. But this is a guy putting the frighteners on a customer to repay his drug debt.

  19. The fact that you find that acceptable says a lot about you

  20. How does the video get out? I need to know the source and reasons behind it.

  21. The guy who owns it will have sent it to his mates to be a hard man, and it’ll have gone from there to group chat after group chat until it goes public

  22. wouldnt take much said in those group chats as truth, spread the truth and a 10 group chats later you wont even remember what the event was about

  23. Is this your pitch to get the job defending him?

  24. He wouldn’t know anything about it. He’s UVF-affiliated and it’s UDA who are all about the ethnic cleansing, after all. It’s Sammy Wilson you need to ask about that

  25. That's quite the accomplishment to be hated by the Americans and the Russians simultaneously.

  26. The Russians hate them. The US simply don’t care about them

  27. Yep i agree, anti air rockets dont have a charge for detonation, so this one just missed a target and ran out of fuel

  28. Not true at all. Only a very small minority of SAMs use kinetics to kill their targets. Most use explosives

  29. It's completely possible that was a North Korean missile too, but both of those possibilities are so unlikely they're really not worth our breath

  30. Right, because indiscriminately launching missiles at a civilian population would be so out of character for the genocidal fascists

  31. Exactly, it’s the reason the Katie Taylor fight wasn’t in croke park, it’s the reason Oktoberfest is gone, it’s the reason Irish festivals have so much worse acts than the European counterparts

  32. It’s the reason that all Irish motorcycle road racing is gone in 2023 and, realistically, probably forever

  33. Like what? What issues do you think European counties have that’s worse than allowing children to be massacred in their schools on a monthly basis?

  34. Some people will jump through all sorts of mental gymnastics to excuse the butchering of children

  35. As far as I can tell our main food innovations are BBQ and most things that are served on a stick.

  36. I’ve lived on the border my entire life and I’m in my mid-thirties. Sometimes I’ll easily cross it eight or ten times. Since the border checkpoints came down in 1998-ish, I have never ONCE been asked for a travel document. I’ve been across in all sorts of foreign registered vehicles, on main roads, minor roads, the works. You’ll be fine.

  37. Lots of answers, none of them the right one!

  38. Slightly tangential but the American Cemetery in Cambridge is almost unknown but a stunningly beautiful, melancholy and terribly sad place to visit.

  39. Most likely would relate to the Guidelines on International Protection No. 4: "Internal Flight or Relocation Alternative" within the context of Article 1A(2) of the 1951 Convention and/or 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees (HCR/GIP/03/04).

  40. Good - near enough all of those migrants have crossed safe countries and therefore are no longer refugees.

  41. Show me the international law that says you have to stay in the first ‘safe’ country you arrive in to be counted as a refugee

  42. And yet it took violent resistance and not non-violent protests to end apartheid in Northern Ireland

  43. I don't care about the money side of it, just the absolute chaos and terrorism it will kick off. We could even see a genocide of unionists.

  44. Standard loyalist projection. We wanted to genocide you, so you must want to genocide us too right? No.

  45. Oh yes because I want the government tracking every damn place I drive all the time. Fuck that shit.

  46. Google says there’s been two fatal accidents at Dublin airport since 2006. Neither of them bear any similarities to what you’ve described.

  47. So 20+ years ago and, therefore, even less relevant to the running of the airport than you suggested

  48. Complains about being called racist, then refers to 'gypsy camps.' Defending yourself well there.

  49. Ummmm? Why should I care about you needing a raise any more? It is just some kind of expansionism I don't have to care about. If your Union can't stand in Solidarity with the workers if Ukraine then you are all a bunch of scabs.

  50. I didn’t know I needed to watch out for tankies…and I can tell you with 95% certainty that the other teachers at work don’t even know what a Tankie is

  51. I'm absolutely sure that 95% of teachers aren't. But the 95% are largely apathetic to union issues until there's a need for their union, which means that the correlating 5% who are both far left and who do engage with the unions in the quiet times end up in control.

  52. The Sam Vimes "Boots" theory of socioeconomic unfairness

  53. If it is busy it is easier and prob safer to stay in the middle lane rather than dipping from left to middle to left all the time. Some reasons : A fair number of drivers seem nervous about driving on the motorway and so are reluctant to match the 120-130kph most drivers do. Some don’t want to do over 100. Most trucks won’t do 120 Irish merge lanes are pretty short and too many drivers wait till the end of the lane to merge and/or do not match traffic speed when merging.

  54. It’s easier but it’s not safer - in fact, it’s dangerous as hell

  55. Why is it dangerous as hell to go with the flow of traffic at 125/130 in the right lane or dip in and out from left to right for every vehicle doing less or wanting to merge in ?

  56. Well, for one, if you're doing 125 on the M50 you're 25% over the speed limit...

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