1. Tonight on racist news, people have different faces. More concerning developments at 5.

  2. I went to montevallo, as I grew up in Tuscaloosa a few blocks on campus and I absolutely hated UA’s vibe. It was a fantastic choice. Montevallo is amazing.

  3. Voting has concluded. Final vote:

  4. Tell him to say “cheese” to the bugs before he snaps a headshot 🧀

  5. The Lakeshore Hobby Lobby has a crater out in front of it. You will think your car can go over it. It cannot. Go around the crater.

  6. Could you do me a favor and boop Bawi on his snoot please because GOD that snoot is so boopable.

  7. the only "Anal intrusion" here are the mother's texts.

  8. And there’s a fire station almost directly across the street too 😂

  9. Lucius be like "I've never sketched captain krunch."

  10. Can anyone provide a bit of translation, I’m dying to know what that lady is saying

  11. I’m gonna go on ahead and ask the ugly question: she wanted to marry link but how the heck would they have had children and what would they have looked like????

  12. Wish someone would “post-birth abortion” this moron.

  13. Wouldn't being a doctor in this situation make it even worse?

  14. Oh god it would be a nightmare. I mean, perfectly healthy med students go through a period when they start studying diseases where they’re more prone to think they have a deadly disease. To know this, and be a doctor? I wouldn’t blame him for having a mental breakdown.

  15. God help me, my poor baby is the complete opposite. It’s a nightmare traveling with him. He has panic attacks, vomits, pees, has diarrhea, foams at the mouth. It’s so horrible.

  16. Every country has its ups and downs, America is certainly not immune. But many of these problems exist in other countries as well, so America is not unique in that respect. This feels like a circle jerk, not a genuine question.

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