1. Yes it’s the opposite of the basement

  2. Im from Aus and pretty aware of our climate, thanks. Desert temps drop at night but stay relatively warm during the day year round. Yes they live indoors as pets but the chance of an escapee surviving in temps like this compared to temps more similar to where theyre from are pretty low. While most owners in cooler climates im sure are great parents its the poor beardies like these that have to suffer because their owners cant look after them properly. Theres more room for disaster if its THIS COLD where you keep your beardie.

  3. If someone is this careless with a dragon to begin with, they shouldnt have one. Think that’s really it.

  4. It doesnt stop people though. Too many people go out and buy these pets on a whim. Like any pet there needs to be alot of consideration and research first. Here in aus we need a license to own reptiles. I think thats a rule that should apply everywhere.

  5. Sure. Much bigger issue than the climate alone is what I’m saying

  6. I honestly never look at the numbers or the odds when it comes to MMA fights anymore. MMA is such an unpredictable sport. Look at what happened with Nunes vs Pena, GSP vs Serra, Rousey vs Holm, etc. I’m not a degenerate gambler, so looking at betting odds and numbers is pretty pointless

  7. I mean gambling goes both ways. Same can be said for every other sport. Oddsmakers make informed predictions and bettors do the same. If there wasn’t variance there would be no reason to bet

  8. Haven’t watched in yairs. Do they get a new set every 3 months?

  9. I personally never dived off ladders much so this isn’t that big of a deal.

  10. Been there. Currently on the "listen to small swancore bands to get the rush of new DGD without listening to DGD" phase

  11. I mean, they’re like that because if the odds were based solely on “who will win straight up” the money would flood in on Khamzat because he’s a popular mainstream fighter. Vegas isn’t dumb

  12. Yeah this is just an instagram issue in general. Any public account with any type of following has these

  13. and not even a moron in the funny way, just pure incel vibes which is so weird from a fighter

  14. I just want Corey and Carmella to go away

  15. Where’d the name Minerva come from? Love it

  16. Poor OP can’t comment in the thread lol

  17. Dude how do you get yours to drink water

  18. I’m sorry this comment made me laugh out loud

  19. I could watch my beardie drink water for hours. Bro just sips

  20. Genuinely starting to think B/R just makes stuff up about the NBA

  21. Wish I could remember where we got it. But it’s half bed and half toy box and you can fold the toy box closed. As you can see in the photo though the toy box is overflowing 😅

  22. OK, I'm going to be a jerk now. Does it have any manufacture/brand markings on it?

  23. The only thing I can find on the tag is Hangzhou j&s yard home fashion

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