1. My 1586 is upside down in a creek, wheres the lever to flip it over?

  2. Hold down the ether assist for 30 seconds then try starting it.

  3. Talking about the 1586, you had experience charging/installing a new rockshaft + lift arms? Rockshaft cover difficult to take Off?

  4. Looking at this, maybe tiges and dogs (assuming Carlton get belted this week)

  5. He's a Brownlow favourite, of course he got off

  6. 5 seats in a car mate, including two in the front.

  7. Among others this year, Shane Warne and now Olivia Newton John. Shocking year for straya

  8. What TF is preauth? I'm assuming pre-authorization? TF for. Nice system

  9. Pruess elbowed Merrit behind play/late hit and got nothing, following being cited 4 other times this season (including last weekend)

  10. Family of 4. Our expenses are around $1050 pw + Mortgage repayments. Mortgage+expenses comes to around 55% of our net family income.

  11. That's pretty good. What are you spending on groceries?

  12. Oh.....so it's only ok for the employers to be rude. Got it.

  13. This isn't even rude lol. Being firm with boundaries is such a generational thing. Assertive=/=rude

  14. Preuss trying to be Mumford but is too stupid even for that!

  15. pro tip: if you're gonna touch a live current, use the back of your hand so if the amps are too high it doesn't make your muscles contract and hold onto it

  16. Yep. If you're checking a fence is on, use a blade of grass to test. You'll feel the pulsing of the electricity but no pain at all.

  17. Before that, proper weather simulation. Weather and rain at crucial timing is like the most important thing in arable farming. Glaring omission

  18. It's probably not fair to call it a glaring omission. It would be an incredibly complicated system to implement whilst keeping the game fun to play.

  19. It's not water, but there's a mod - a pivot that does fertilizer.

  20. Do people think it's cool to do this face at the thumbnail?

  21. Don't care, I'll fkn sit on ya head either way

  22. Retaliation is what 4 year Olds and Americans want/commit.

  23. Mistakes shouldn’t result in a player being dumped tackled & potentially injured though. Umpire should be held accountable & dropped too a lower tier for a week, simple.

  24. The umpire calling play on incorrectly, allowed Daicos too be tackled at a time he is not expecting too be, how do you not understand? Lord have mercy. Was also a borderline dump tackle & Daicos was clearly sore from it. Umpires have a duty of care too the players & they failed Daicos on this occasion. If you can’t understand that, I feel for ya.

  25. Lol. Keep trying life mate, it sounds difficult for you. All the best championship.

  26. Because it's a nothing phrase. Means fuck all

  27. It's the same as 'imo' which is a good thing because 'I' statements are woefully underutilised in the world.

  28. Yeah, I went a bit emotive on means fuck all. It's crept in from radio and the boys club and it's become common commentary vernacular.

  29. What consequence do you think is right? Not trying to deflect but collingwood had zero consequence for the findings of the do better report so what do you think crows deserve?

  30. That was before these three came out and spoke. They all corroborate either being "educated" on how to talk about it, or told directly not to.

  31. for a team that's on cloud9 right now you fans really are some little fucks for no reason huh

  32. Nah Collingwood fans also have no idea. There was a post in the pies subreddit, whinging about one free kick call.

  33. I am being level headed, we have Saints today but then two teams outside the 8 plus have a game buffer.

  34. Hey brickhead, can you read? I am not disagreeing with you.

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