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  1. I feel like people who rarely are in the hospital have some ridiculous ideas on what nurses should do or can do - like I feel like they genuinely just see me as a waitress and a drug dealer at their beck and call

  2. I think its the people who are always in the hospital with this idea

  3. Had a patient test pos for fentanyl. Hes not getting fentanyl. Been on the unit for over a month

  4. My son is grown and gone, but he had a bully picking on him for two years. I wrote emails, had meetings, even talked to the other kid’s mother. Finally, my son snapped and beat the kid up. And both of them were in in-school suspension for three days. I was livid! And took my son out for ice cream after we left the principal’s office. I liked it better in the stone age when I was a kid. We dealt with bullies ourselves, and nobody got in trouble.

  5. I (female) attacked a male student who was a senior while i was a freshman. He (white kid) kept calling me an “n-word lover” (because i went on a cruise and made friends with a black kid and posted those photos on my facebook) and i just snapped. I started wailing on his face, a principal had to pull me off. I got in school suspension for a week. He got nothing.

  6. I just don’t understand one call off a month when you work 3/12’s. Why do you need an extra day? You could self schedule and give yourself a whole week off if you did it savvy. I have max five days off at a time and i am ready to get back to work.

  7. I love how the people who make our laws are so uneducated when it comes to medicine and health care

  8. That’s just unheard of in retail unless he’s management lmao. But my new job has double AND triple overtime depending on the circumstances. Never have I heard of 4x though

  9. Usually management gets a 6k bonus. Regular employees were getting $300, supervisors 1k and ASM’s 6k bonus. At least at my store

  10. I tried to describe this to my doctor and could only describe it as “grinding” in my jaw. She goes “YEAH YOURE GRINDING YOUR TEETH YOU NEED TO STOP”… i dont grind my teeth. I just used the wrong trigger word for her lol

  11. Me! I have both. My dad does also. We take fluconazole every like two years-ish to make it go away. Once we start to see our spots we take it. It works well for us.

  12. Did you get fluconazole prescribed? For me my TV was so severe before I started any shampoo/cream treatment that I have no idea if it’s gone. It definitely faded a lot but still visibly prominent since I had tanned so much around it.

  13. I did get it prescribed in the past. I got lucky and had a doctor who prescribed me a bunch of them. They are in individual packages so i just take one when i need it. Im not kidding, one pill every like two-three years. And its GONE. Like don’t see it at all. Normal skin even then i tan or spray tan. I know its back because I will see a spot on my chest or my partner will notice multiple spots on my neck. When i hear that or see a spot, i take a pill and they are gone that week and dont come back for years. I HIGHLY recommend asking your doctor for some.

  14. I remember them covering it. And talking about the garrote often. They also said a lot “im not naming names because he likes to sue people” talking about the brother

  15. Don't you have people who are cross trained working with you that are teaching you stuff? Kinda weird that you are all alone already

  16. Thats all lowes is. You start and youre alone. In the two stores i have worked in thats how it went.

  17. To be fair the roommates SHOULDN'T be fully counted out UNTIL there is a final verdict. We've seen way too many cases where LE believed someone was innocent and then it turned out to be that person. So many cases of "innocent people" being let go and then confessing to their deeds on their death beds. I figured sooner or later we'd stop erring on the side of "they were in the house and didn't die, they must be innocent"

  18. Agreed. What is there to cover even? There’s such little information and no trial or even pre-trial coverage. Like give it a break.

  19. Its a high profile case. It would only show that they dont care about the victims. Only money

  20. If you return one with your receipt you will get money back

  21. It wont even allow the request to get approved

  22. She also talks about her ex from high school often. I would say almost more than John.

  23. Keep in mind, that probably all happened over the course of three days.

  24. All the work that angelina and jenny have had make then look sooooo old imo. Like lip fillers is one thing, but when you start putting the filler everywhere else in your face when you dont need it, it really ages you.

  25. Me! Bottom close to nerve and top had a chance of ripping open my sinus. Everything went smoothly. Make sure you have a doctor you trust. I will say my tmj is worse after the removal.

  26. Did you experience sound sensitivity or Tinnitus prior to removal? If yes, did those symptoms fade away after wisdom tooth removal

  27. Yes and no they didnt fade. I will say that my tinnitus wasnt as noticeable before the surgery, i notice is much more after. I had four teeth removed and was so sore after because my mouth was open so long during the procedure. I was put to sleep so there is no telling what happened to my jaw during that time. I went back to the same doctor for tmj issues and he basically gaslit me saying I didnt have tmj, i dont have a size difference its just my face. So he was great with the surgery but when I asked him to do something out of his comfort zone (like masseter botox) he started saying I didnt need it. He literally told me “just open your mouth”. Lol. I went to him for tmj issues because he markets himself as a maxillofacial and cosmetic surgeon.

  28. Many other doctors have done this in the US!

  29. Do you think there were visitors /sightseers on top when the planes hit?

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