1. i feel like this is a meat shield response to the new uranium rounds and leapard tanks that Ukraine getting

  2. Ukraine is getting only a few leopard tanks. I think they will be used in key strategic deployments rather than to fight masses of old Soviet tanks.

  3. Nah, the leopards just want to role play as their grandparents (tiger twos) slapping down t-54s

  4. Hopefully for the sake of Ukraine they don’t follow the same path as their grandparents where the higher quality tiger 2s were overrun by the cheap mass of t 34s

  5. I'm not convinced that Sneako isn't just playing a character, unless he got a brain tumor a year or two ago.

  6. Yeah that's what I heard about Sneako's earlier content, so then we have 2 logical explanations for his behavior. Either he spent so much time among batshit right wingers that he went through brainrot in real time, or he's a grifter. I don't know which one is worse lol

  7. As someone who dealt with an alcoholic parent for several years no matter how much you want/try to get the person help nothing will change until they hit rock bottom and want change themselves.

  8. As a former smoker I never give advice to people who are active smokers. You can read all the guides and take all the nicotine patches in the world, if you internally don’t want to quit, you never will. For me it just happened at a point and I never looked back since.

  9. How does he not see how incredibly racist he comes off.

  10. I don't know if he considers himself white or not, but if he does, this amount of self-hate is actually really weird. Like why would you go out of your way time after time to defend people insulting you over shit you have no control over.

  11. "making fun" ? "making fun" ? you have a problem with ppl making fun of invaders, r*pists, thieves, and murderers? U serious bruh ?

  12. I literally acknowledged that a lot of them are bad people. A lot of them are also random people like me who randomly got drafted by our shitty government to fight in the trenches. You wanna lump them all in together that's your business, I think I explained my position pretty well and I don't find it unreasonable.

  13. Every city that has been occupied by Russia has seen major war crimes happening. So if you’re supporting the Russian army, then you are supporting war criminals

  14. You might have to double-check your reading skills, bud. I didn't say at any point that I support the war in Ukraine or the occupation of Ukrainian cities by Russian troops. I said I sympathize for the Russian soldiers that are having a terrible time there as a fellow Russian.

  15. The company that made the game has been under controversy because a lot of their producers are kremlin associates or pro Ukraine invasion media personalities

  16. They aren’t kremlin associates, they are Russian devs who were born in and made their careers in Russia. Obviously when they started developing their game they got their funding from inside Russia. All big Russian companies that can finance a project like this are associated with the kremlin one way or another. Since then they did their best to disassociate from Russia as much as possible. I don’t know what else you expect from them

  17. I'd also like to point out that only one of the investors is from Russia and for russian standards he's not that heavily tied to Kremlin. There really is no money from couple 100k that's not tied to the state somehow.

  18. Yeah it's like if you got funded by Facebook and then it turned out that one of the owners of Facebook supports the war in Iraq or whatever. Investors can come in all shapes and sizes, and when you are trying to fund your brand new company beggars can't be choosers. In the case of Russia that's doubly so

  19. I watched a little bit of it, the dialogue and narrative completely turned me off

  20. I beat it and it’s definitely no bioshock but it’s a decent game. I’d give it a 6.5-7 (and I was actually looking forward to it from all the trailers and stuff).

  21. so today you have to do a background check for every developer of a game or otherwise you cant play it without getting attacked?

  22. I’m a Russian guy working in IT. Obviously I condone the war and I got the fuck out of dodge because I don’t want to be ass up in a trench somewhere killing or getting killed by other people in the same position.

  23. It’s a Russian shell company in Cyprus. It’s not out of the question that Russia will tax whatever money makes it back to Russia. I support Ukraine. I don’t care about boycotting this game. It’s just not an effective way to protest/boycott. A legitimate and effective boycott on the other hand would be banning Russia from the Olympics. That’s what efforts ought to be focused on. The Olympics are a huge international stage for propaganda purposes.

  24. I agree. I'm in a similar situation to the devs of this game - I'm a Russian who works in IT, I got the fuck out of the country, my company changed its registration not to associate with Russia in any way, and obviously I condone the fuck out of the war. I feel like this video wants to punish people like us simply for being Russian, rather than targeting the people actually responsible for the war.

  25. I don't think any allies destroyed Nord Stream. If it was discovered it would first of all be a hostile act towards Germany and push German public opinion in opposite direction. It's probably Russia even though that seems like a dumb move too, but unfortunately they have been doing a lot of irrational and self-inflicting foreign policy stuff for a while now.

  26. There is no circumstance where Germany will be pushed closer to Russia at this point, even if it turned out to be American doing. Remember when the Snowden leaks uncovered that American intelligence services were wiretapping European leaders? That did nothing to sway the general geopolitical landscape in the grand scale of things.

  27. The key part of this that you didn’t point out is that Germany walked out on the nordstream 2 deal right before the start of the war. There was no gas to cut off from that pipeline in the first place. So Russia blows up a pipeline that was never used in the first place just to stick it to America and Germany? Seems like a pretty expensive venture.

  28. I feel like that should be a duty for everyone to help take out the trash at this point.

  29. Bruh you know that every destiny post takes up like like 1/10th of your screen and takes about a second to scroll past. I never understood this idea of people complaining about spam posts. Judging by the number of upvotes and comments, people clearly love to engage with destiny drama on here. If you don’t like it then just fucking skip it, it’s not rocket science.

  30. what? This is literally our policy. Of course if we know they're going to nuke us 100% we'd nuke them first.

  31. I think this is the policy of any nuclear country if they’re certain someone is about to bomb them lol. It’s called nuclear deterrence for a reason.

  32. He was president before Putin for a while. Now he is like the second or third in command behind Putin. He is basically wishing for the self-destruction of the enemies of Russia. And Elon is going for it.

  33. Lol saying he is the “second in command” is crazy talk. As a Russian I can tell you that a couple of years ago he was given a new position to run that was created just for him. Basically he’s still publicly relevant, but politically very insignificant.

  34. What does Medvedev actually do these days? After his government "stepped down" I really stopped hearing anything about Russian politics unless it had something to do with Putin and kinda forgot that he wasn't in there anymore. Though who do the average Russians see as the successor, if there is one? Would it be someone from politics or maybe from the security services?

  35. In terms of successorship it’s very hard to tell because Putin used this war to consolidate all his power essentially. Nothing gets done without his say so and most of the top level decisions are only done involving him. From his own actions and speeches he has given 0 indication who he sees succeeding him, so I really can’t say.

  36. Is posting every single fucking Elon tweet on this sub the new way to earn karma?

  37. There have been reports that Russia's equipment has sht aim, off by kilometers at times. Bound to happen

  38. I see reports saying that it could have been Ukrainian AA that intercepted a Russian missile and all the shrapnel/remains landed in Poland.

  39. Great take. But I’ve always looked at it as ‘if you’re gonna be apathetic about it, don’t vote. But also, you don’t get a voice, so shut your mouth and sit down.’

  40. I come from a 1 party state (Russia), and I haven't voted for a president a single time in my life. I was too young when it could have still made a difference and it was already pointless by the time I was of legal age.

  41. Absolutely, I wholeheartedly agree with you. In case for those that misinterpreted my post; I’m not justifying the people who refuse to vote as a good thing; merely pointing out that we shouldn’t force people who will never care or be informed when voting.

  42. Oh yeah, I had no issue with your post whatsoever brother. My point was that the people who go to vote in Australia and end up drawing dicks on the ticket have no idea how lucky they are to be able to have a proper vote at all.

  43. We should, but this won't happen. People are too eager for content. I can't believe he's immediately rebuilding the bridge after she said he was like Harvey Weinstein. The rope is looking more inviting every day

  44. If he's still sexting Ana after all the clusterfucks he went through with her, Lav's behavior seems completely innocent in comparison.

  45. hmmm i'm sure nothing sussy was going on the balkans. couldn't have been a couple genocides.

  46. If you actually want to look into the legal side of this Serbia tried to prove that Croatia committed a genocide, Croatia claimed the opposite, neither side managed to prove their case in court. Today, one side is considered fully at fault for all the genocide that happened while the other side is a full nato member. When it comes to the Balkan wars, it sounds like there are a lot of narratives at play with many facts being dismissed

  47. Am I confused or does this not really address anything? Nobody denies Ukraine suffered at the hand of Nazi Germany, but that’s sort of immaterial to what Azov is or represents. Not to mention the blood and soil nationalism that’s driving Ukrainian resistance would be classified as fascist by pretty much any lefty online. Seems like she’s still working in the lefty framework.

  48. A lot of it is that the US government has really failed millennials with cost of living, education, career perpetration and general helping them get a ahead. The problem is only worse with my generation (Z). Cynicism creeps in because while not being UK or Japanese bad, the federal government more or less doesn't really care about young people that much until recently, even then...

  49. Also to be fair there were enough leaks about actions done by the US government to let the conspiracy theorists say "you see, we were right all along". For example, when Snowden leaked what was happening with the Patriot Act, that was a big blow to the credibility of the US government among its own population. Based on things like that people assume the government is lying to them about everything else as well.

  50. Are you willing to accept a russian nuclear strike on Ukraine just so we don't have to "promote nuclear armageddon"?

  51. I don't know, are you willing to risk potentially millions more dying just to put Russia in its place? What are these arguments lol

  52. Point is the only way to make sure that russia doesn't use their nukes is to threaten nuclear retaliation. Otherwise you're just giving them a blank cheque to do whatever they want. If we give them the indication that we will hesitate to retaliate then they will nuke ukraine and destroy everything

  53. I think Putin is already aware of the nuclear threat he is facing from the West. At this point the West has 2 options: either deescalate or actually retaliate. Putin is obviously counting on the first option eventually happening because nobody wants to die in a nuclear hellfire, so he will continue pushing his own crazy interests.

  54. All of those suggestions require going outside so he'll have nothing to worry about

  55. I like the guy with the bologna suggestion. Imagine if he put this much time, effort and thought into doing something actually productive.

  56. Сам несколько лет назад съебался, но держу за вас кулачки. dggL

  57. Я уехал в Сербию когда начался пиздец, купил обратные билеты на 9 сентября, но в последний момент решил не ехать. Сейчас смотрю на происходящее и думаю как мне неебически повезло. Держитесь ребята!

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