1. All the cheap talien you can buy( also try to do some of the race ones and the fire trials ECT watch thirtyvirus's tutorial on talimans)

  2. I did up to fire trial 7, and also is it useful to use tree minions for foraging

  3. Yes I recommend always have atleast one tree minion on your island also don't sell its stuff keep it and keep upgrading it till it's tier 11

  4. Wdym? It’s not a texture btw its Skytils im pretty sure, it just tells you the name of the enchant on the book.

  5. Go back to cheating in a gamemode in a server in a game about blocks and stop bothering me.

  6. I support u but all 3 of his comments have -18 votes do u have a bunch alts lol

  7. literally everyone with an m7 comp has had either shady or oringo installed at some point man stop acting like it isnt a common thing

  8. Honestly hold off until you start getting higher star henerprise. Unless you have the earning bonus and artifacts to do your enlightenment run. Theres not a rush on getting the stones crafted. (Just don't sell any clarity or prophecy or soul stone fragments and stones. T4 soul stones are needed for t4 prophecy, and t4 prophecy are needed for t4 clarity. So youll want to hold on to those 3 types of stones for sure.)

  9. Rn I'm 200Q but I only have T2 prophecy T2 clarity and T3 soul stones Edit:idk why I put a "but", ik I'm low EB

  10. You're a long way off from being able to run enlightenment even with artifacts. So wouldn't focus on those clarities yet. Just hold on to the stones and fragments you have. Get a few top t3 to t4 stones of the others (laying rate, internal hatcheries, shipping rate especially) for getting contracts done and getting more prophecy eggs.

  11. Yeah the platinum took like a week(for that money alone) to get the final undecillions for a planet portal and I don't think I can get the several Sd to get 15 levels of wormhole dampening

  12. If ur device is old, if you have too many windows open, or u use data instead of wifi, it will cause lag. Also on s phone u basically just lag

  13. Yeah seems like someone is spending golden eggs when they should be collecting them instead. All T3 eggfinity stones can be collected in ships except for Prophecy Stones, so crafting those is kind of a waste.

  14. I'm new to henerprise, so I need to craft if I want T3 prophecy stones?

  15. No I just have Reddit on my computer but I play egg inc on phone cause I can’t get it to work on pc

  16. But how did u get the mini farm is it a render or 3d printed

  17. 120Q but I have henerprise, T3 deflector, and tons of boosts of all kinds

  18. Oh no terrorists look up there is A-10 thunderbolt 2 oh no they all have air pods so can't hear it so sad

  19. Each entine is 4 tons of that and the gun is 6 so it take two to overpower the firing

  20. It's OK, if it's engines aren't at at least 80% thrust it won't move forward while firing

  21. Welp I'm 7.1q and there's 2 other cheaters lol. Even now we're projected to reach our goal

  22. Joined, if more ppl use deflectors I can get up to 9.8q at my max shipping

  23. Not the researching. Also u can autoclicj to run chickens with a 3/4 macro

  24. What do you mean? I can't think of a reason you'd need to actively work in Enlightenment or have ads?

  25. Highest I've seen is 20q when my bro just joined elite and was 15T

  26. The light bulb isn’t a waste of a slot. It lets you not have to look at the screen every 20 secs

  27. U can get an autpclicker to hold 3.5 sec and let go 2.5 then leave it like that. With max epic research it wirks infinitely

  28. If ur android get click assistant, it's free, you don't need to watch ads, and it's easy to use

  29. Yeah ik that hes asking how to make it move which can be done using /tp And moving them towards where they are facing.

  30. That doesn't work, the arrow would be harmless and do half a heart plus it would not even face the right direction

  31. Idk he just asked to make it face towards sumin and thats how, also he could just use /damage to make it do more damage

  32. But that won't work on what it hits, just what is near. Plus he asked to make it shoot

  33. Yeah it takes a while, just keep at it. I've been playing more than a year straight now.

  34. Sane but im just not very productive. I've had the game for like 2 years and a few months ago started being productive. Also unlocked henerprise less than a week ago and got my first T4E

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