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  1. Bro the Diary of a Wimpy Kid bit wasn't been made up???

  2. You shouldn't, but I'm only saying that because I care about your own sanity.

  3. jullie lachen totdat ze ineens Stiekem Gedanst spelen

  4. I can't wait for Jakey, Jakey & Jakey Attorneys at Law to promote merch again

  5. Since when is a graduation not a party for the person that graduated? Brandon was clearly having fun with Grant, and Grant was having fun with Brandon, and Brandon's fellow students were having fun. He graduated high school ffs, let him celebrate! NTA.

  6. Don't be afraid to bulldoze some of your roads, some roads and intersections just need redesigning once you've reached a certain point

  7. The fish are gone! Where'd they go? I dunno!

  8. On Mountport, with the mountains over there next to the sea

  9. guess what the "party for the freedom" is about

  10. Schatje word wakker, nieuw versje voor je koter is gedropt

  11. Okay that truck actually scares me. Its blind spot at the front is bigger than that of a bus and yet you can operate it with a regular license....

  12. Vlag van een boerenprotest dat te lang in de zon is blijven liggen

  13. It's true that these birds are animated and thus, in fact, not real.

  14. Please explain to me why this post and posts like this aren't allowed but screenshots of articles with funny titles are. Thank you.

  15. For real, the subtitle of the main sub is literally "so bad it's ascended"

  16. new conspiracy theory: mods just delete the best submissions that they get so they can post it on here and get all the upvotes cause this funny as hell

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