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  1. Couple tips - may have been mentioned but here you go.

  2. I completed the polish course twice on duolingo. While it was okay - I tried out babel and I have found it to do a way better job for polish in explaining things like cases, how to pronounce things and like random tips which is very helpful. I also like the way you should review things. I found for long term it has helped me more then duolingo. Downside is the cost of course, it’s not that much though. But if your serious about learning I have found it to be a big help for me personally.

  3. Me and my 2 friends are starting a 500mg testosterone enanthate a week for 12 weeks tomorrow. We have Aromasin on hand incase sides and nolvadex for pct. We also have HCG which we will start 2 weeks in dosing 500iu a week. My main question is about injection. We've done extensive research and bought 25 guage 1 inch disposable needles. We plan on injecting in the glute but maybe thigh is a safer option. 1 inch needle looks quite big , were all 6,0 and 158 pounds(72kg) lean. Any thoughts or advice?

  4. Wiki has all the info you need about injecting - I would not suggest the thigh, I find with the thigh I can’t walk where glute is way better. Perfectly safe too, just watch some more videos on where to inject. I prefer a 1.5” for the glute to actually get IM for me. Unless you are very lean which a 1” will do. I use that for pretty much everywhere else.

  5. Depending on the context, one thing you can always do is try to include yourself in the conversation. As long as the vibes are not serious, most people don’t care. A example is everybody always talks about the weather. You overhear - “It’s cold outside”, Response: “I know right?! The other day blah blah”

  6. Depending where you’re at you can always try a online clinic

  7. Very cool. Are you watching this video as you are fishing or do you run back the tape once you’re home?

  8. As it’s happing. I usually hit the record button on that camera when there a fish and some action going on.

  9. Im planning on using Test 500 with Hcg 500 e3d (have a prescription for it)- Mostly interested if e2 is going to be an issue, obviously will have a AI on hand and will get labs.

  10. Why would an AI inhibitor count as a PCT?

  11. PCT stands for Post cycle therapy - the whole point of it is to get you back to your baseline levels. So things like clomid, nolva etc…. Kickstart your testes to start working again. You may use an AI during a PCT if you are experiencing symptoms of high estrogen, but usually you don’t need to.

  12. Nobody would consider AIs a PCT, because they are not. I’m glad you know what PCT stands for though.

  13. How does changing your dose affect your gains? IE 100 vs 300 vs 500?

  14. How much do you guys usually cruise at vs blasting?

  15. Asked and answered ad Infinium. Use the search bar to find the answer.

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