1. Haha have you ever dealt with cops? They won’t do anything

  2. At the very least it’s never a bad idea to have it documented.

  3. Not much outside shooting coming from that backcourt.

  4. Love it! So much swag and potential

  5. If he calls the cops, and they come, you could maybe make your case to the cop for a refund

  6. Cop can try to play middle man but ultimately they have no control over whether he gets a refund. If it’s a track he plays often then maybe get a voucher or something for when the greens are back to normal.

  7. What are the cops going to do. Arrest u for telling the truth?? You could say you were a paying customer and waiting for the greens to even out.

  8. Once he’s told to leave and refuses he’s trespassing. So yeah, he could technically be arrested. Being a paying customer is irrelevant.

  9. I think he’ll be a solid player. He’s too good of a shooter not to be.

  10. Lol. My bad., that shit has my livid still. Cheers

  11. I think Krebs will be a LW long term for our team. He'll be like the Mitch Marner of the Sabres. Obviously if the team has some injuries at the center position, he can fill that spot

  12. I still think this staff views him as a C long term.

  13. I wish there was context here. Why are they attacking Skinner?

  14. He’s a huge shit talker and he chirps all game long at guys. Plus they were losing which made things even more annoying.

  15. Or….hear me out, they face charges for the involuntary murder they just committed.

  16. Is Tokarski playing? I need to play a goalie today no matter what in fantasy

  17. Yeah he’s in goal tonight.

  18. I want an entire season to feel like this month. Unbelievable comeback

  19. It was all on tape. Why do the police care if Chris Rock wants to press charges or not?

  20. Because he is the alleged victim and can decide whether he wants charges or not.

  21. Everyone saw it, Chris shouldn’t need to press charges. The state should, they don’t need his cooperation in this instance.

  22. There needs to be a victim for there to be a crime.

  23. Reminds me of my golf game. Sure there are times where I absolutely pure a tee shot with my driver that goes down the fairway but the reality is that I’m playing out of the rough a lot.

  24. Booth would actually be a terrific pick and ideal fit for this defense

  25. Averaging 20 huh? Is that the amount of games per season he’ll be able to play?

  26. My expectations were low and I’m still disappointed

  27. Probably because we would carry some of the dead cap into 2023 which is when Josh’s new money kicks in. I haven’t looked at the numbers for 2023 year but I’d imagine we want to be rid of the dead cap now while we know we can still afford too.

  28. Shit hockey player but this guy definitely fucks

  29. Why do we still have to question this team’s effort at this point? Lazy turnovers and constantly moving the puck east to west in front of your own net is so annoying.

  30. I dunno but the more I think about it I like the idea of getting CMC. That shit would be unstoppable.

  31. His contract makes that a hard pass.

  32. Heard on 550 today that his cap hit is near to identical to Beasley's (don't want to loose beese but ya never know)

  33. I haven’t heard that but just looking at the numbers Cole’s cap hit is $7.6 mil and he’s in the final year of his deal. CMC’s cap hit for next season is nearly double that and he has 3 years left on his deal.

  34. When was the last time he even made a play?

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