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  1. So which nodes are you exposing to more light there? Do you even know why we LST our plants 😂

  2. BSG’s bucket of shit Spaghetti code combined with their lack of knowledge relating to garbage collection and just leaking memory all over the place.

  3. Pro tip: Don't wear glasses. They can be seen from across the map through fog. I don't get flashed enough to risk a Timmy with a vpo seeing me from 300m out.

  4. If you loot this you will get a headshot lol

  5. I’m level 44 and die literally all the time. Lol. Probably plenty of times to Timmy and Timmy’s buddies. My survival rate and K/D are both in 6’s (60 some percent and 6.something) but I still feel like I PLAY the game…as in die a LOT lol. I also have a THICC Items case just full of headsets. So idk what I’m really doing out there. Insurance frauding headsets a lot, I guess.

  6. "So idk what I’m really doing out there. Insurance frauding headsets a lot, I guess."

  7. Good luck hiring a bunch of UK lawyers to fight a Russian battle in a UK court to cover that. They have an address there but no doubt there are 0 staff there, it'll just be one of those rent-an-address things with a forwarded post box.

  8. God damn eightball. This is the second time I've come across one of your comments. And it's the second time I've fully agreed with you. Great minds and all that I guess. But yeah "IF" BSG did go after the cheaters right now, the rest of the world would laugh at them. Sanctions are a bitch

  9. You get marked as a traitor for killing scavs, not injuring them.

  10. Jesus you just got everything figured out huh? Totally not 8ball, but ok. Everything you said went out the window after that lol. Everything that lives and breathes must be a scam in your eyes. Must be lonely

  11. Hello, definitely not a l3pis alt account here, one thing is scav skill leveling for their respective purposes, endurance/strenght, 2 of the main skill everybody would like their scav to have high leved, reasons are, well you loot and run around and you gotta extract in time, making these skills worth leveling, but vitality? Why would someone increase vitality and scav exp?

  12. All bs aside i wouldn't trust a stranger in this situation. But I see what you're saying. Vitality is a bitch to level. But if you stick with it every game it will get up there. You'll never max it of course. And hell yeah I want that .05% less chance of a bleed. Rng is a bitch and if i can lessen the chances then why not? It kinda the same as recoil buffs. That extra point reduction in recoil isn't doing much. But they'll spend the extra 50k on the part just for the single point.

  13. I wish there would be cosmetic rewards for the hideout every wipe like for example get to lvl 20 and get an alternate skin couch, get to 40 and get an akm for the wall, get to 60 and get a big LCD TV. Just like in Path of Exile with the cosmetic rewards every league. That would be dope, because it would let people have more goals in a wipe. Just don’t wipe the cosmetic hideout items. Let us invite friends to the hideout or change the lobby. For example you are waiting inside your hideout for your friends to join your group and decide inside where you would like to go, woods, shoreline, whatever. The hideout is a cool feature, but it could become so much more.

  14. Well, OP yote that shit and hit the dirt sideways. F

  15. Yeah man same here, and what you said about factory is incredibly true shit has my terrified of bushes blowing in the wind lol

  16. Yeah I avoid that place like the plague! Ran a duo there. My partner went for the extract and got gunned tf down by three dudes. I run up to all three of the ass holes reloading at the same time. The instant karma was epic and just. Watching them run left and right while I gunned them down in the little hut they were hiding in was priceless. I haven't been back since

  17. Yeah man I've been running scav today, every time I'm getting killed by scav players acting like bots? Well only a few times like that the other times I fresh spawned into getting domed by scav players ?idk the last guy might have been dressed up like a scav but damn it's annoying

  18. Yeah pmcs dress up as scavs sometimes and player scavs will shoot you half the time. Keep your distance, wiggle, and if they come close to you tell them to kindly fuck off. If they don't, drop them or run. Some people can be trusted. But I don't take chances. 😆 And yeah that's half the reason I don't play as often anymore. Trying to play it cool while others kos, kinda takes the wind out the sails.

  19. And I didn't see it 7 months ago. I'm glad he posted it again. Now take my down vote and GFYS, troll boy

  20. The difficulty of a map is based on the average levels of the people queuing it vs your level.

  21. Wtf?! How does that even remotely determine map difficulty?! So fresh wipe, every map is set to normal? This makes no sense.

  22. If they want my loot, they can pick it up with broken legs and arms!

  23. Most my fights happen within 5 meters usually. If I die hearing the dude I was fighting breathing what could be his last breathe makes me feel a shit ton better about dieing.

  24. I’d go as far as to say in some situations solo players have the advantage. Being able to move and act without communication processing is huge.

  25. This is the second time I've seen someone say shoot first ask questions later, and if needed apologize. Dude said he'd rather die to a teammate then one of them or him die to hesitation. I dou with my son and if we did that shit we'd be solo 90% of the time 😆

  26. You can also double tap B to put your gun in full auto, if it's already in FA it will do nothing. Useful for guns with 3 fire rates.

  27. Not true as often. Those fucking bushes in resort are made to look like a dude with a gun on purpose.

  28. No shit! For me It's usually if you think you saw something you didn't. It's just a fucking tree stump

  29. I don’t understand how people play so much. Assuming 30 mins between raids (generous considering organising stash, load times etc.) that’s 410 hours just in one wipe when it’s not even over yet. That’s almost as much as I have played in the almost year I’ve had the game, and I already feel like I have no life

  30. Giga Chad's don't bother with organizing their stash. They dump everything off at fence

  31. It’s good that there’s at least some negativity towards the game in the sub otherwise it becomes a positive “BSG can’t do anything wrong” circlejerk, it has been at that point before.

  32. Agreed. But don't tell people not to play like the ass hole a couple comments up. We want to improve the game AND build a community. Can't do that if you have shit heads telling people to not get the game.

  33. If someone asked me if they should buy this game id say no 100% of the time.

  34. You can easily just leave the tarkov reddit if you don't like the game. Go spread your negativity elsewhere

  35. I’ve tried forest a few times and once I made it really far around the map but every extraction point I found wasn’t open so it kind of gave me a bad vibe for a bit about that map. Had a lot of success on kills but it was brutal not being able to find an exit. It’ll take time that’s for sure

  36. No lie! Woods is somewhat difficult to learn. But man it can be a beginners dream. Learning the stash spots on that map can get you a lot of good stuff. Plus stashes serve as landmarks. Gives you a bit more to go off of. Not to mention that map is pretty stacked with loot.

  37. I did have a map up at one point until I realized it was upside down for whatever reason, then found an interactive map with locations and started figuring out where I was. Basically did an entire U shape starting from east to west checking every extract point. Found lots of good stuff at the sawmill or whatever though

  38. Hell yeah. Sounds like you're on your way. Careful at the sawmill. Shturman and his goons spawn there. Good luck out there

  39. I haven’t gotten wax in a long time but I find it hard to belive that’s a gram

  40. It's actually kinda crazy to me how much a lot of people here foam at the mouth over him in particular. People don't normally act that way about popular streamers, right? Here it's like he's their favorite politician and they cry whenever someone doesn't like him

  41. Right?! I made one joke about LVNDMARK calling out hacks every time he dies. You would have thought I shot the man himself.

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