1. Looks like you accidentally used a picture of Rosamund.

  2. Call it controversial but I think Rhaenys may have been saved too. Remember when Penny and Groat do that trick during Joffrey's wedding feast where they replace Groat's head with a melon to fool everyone into thinking he was decapitated?

  3. I think the point is Cat can't really feel the same because the circumstances are totally different. Ned built Cat a Sept and the walls of Winterfell have warm running water. Lots to love at cushy Winterfell.

  4. I think you're onto something. Maybe Tyrion will steal a dragon and Jorah will hook his nipple rings to the chains allowing him to be swung around as a sort of human flail.

  5. Rickon should be the Smith imo. Jon is the Old Gods anyway.

  6. Willem Darry: "Oh, yes the Sealord's Palace in Braavos was wonderful! The fresh lemonade was especially delicious."

  7. An intriguing suggestion, though the fact that "cE" isn't pronounced leaves some doubt.

  8. Ella as in "Ellaria" also means Fairy in Norman. I think it's to do with the story of the changeling child Oberon and Titania quarrelled over whose mother died in childbirth.

  9. This is my last gamble ever - then im retiring from it again

  10. I'll have to look some more at the text but rough or callused hands seem to be associated with the bluntly honest warrior characters.

  11. Hey Bobby B, I know you're on your deathbed and all, but your children are all bastards. Lyanna never loved you and screwed Rhaegar's brains out then had a kid with him. Oh, and also your best friend has been lying to you and secretly raising the dragonspawn.

  12. This makes me sad considering when she arrives it'll probably be in the midst of a massive famine, disfiguring greyscale outbreak, and a surge in R'llor fanaticism.

  13. I think if I had to bet, besides Sansa, I'd say Arianne has a good chance of making it.

  14. I agree he's kinda suspicious since he had supposedly just met with the CoTF and they're up to all sorts of shady stuff.

  15. Where the hell did Ashara hooking up with Howland come from? She is always associated with a Stark not some spindly crannogman who is a walking plot device and who we don’t particularly care about.

  16. If you want some naming foil "Ashara" or "Asherah" means "she who walks on water". Greywater Watch is a castle that walks on water.

  17. I don't think Eddard hooked up with Ashara. Cat thinks of Ashara. Cersei thinks of Ashara. Barristan thinks of Ashara. But Eddard never does. You'd expect he'd think of an old flame. Tyrion does.

  18. Stop posting this and also stop upvoting this, guys. This is some kind of bot, I've seen this stupid post at least once a month and it doesn't even make any sense since The Lighthouse was out years ago

  19. Check your local independent theaters if you have them. The one near me just had a Hereditary/Midsommar double feature.

  20. How long have we been waiting for The Lighthouse to play at yer local theater? Five weeks? Two days? Help me to recollect.

  21. It even rhymes with the original quote. That's pretty good.

  22. Jon sitting on the top of the wall with his magic flaming sword like "where the hell are they!?" as the entire Other army passes over the Bridge of Skulls and through Gorne's Way unnoticed.

  23. Darry is supposed to have been in Braavos and signing the agreement to marry Viserys with Arianne. I suspect this treaty as signed right after Viserys was taken from Dragonstone, because at that time Doran Martell was hosting the daughter of the archon of Tyrosh and his plan was to send Arianne there to meet Viserys. Arianne remembers the daughter of the archon as they played in the water gardens, so she must have been still young when that happened.

  24. Tyrosh is interesting, and I'd be interested to see how George could make that pay off. The Blackfyre angle is one I had never heard.

  25. Personally I would've pledged to the hot wildling, married Stannis, and ruled from the Nightfort. Easy choice actually.

  26. Dawn, ever since I read the quote about George talking about his favorite song "Ripple" by the Grateful Dead.

  27. Yes, but in this story never in the way the character expects. Choice is very important to George.

  28. ChatGPT is definitely based. I asked it who would win in a battle between Leyton and Euron and it spit this out:

  29. You think it would've come up when Jaime's men were spanking Ned's ass outside Chataya's brothel.

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