1. Bitcoin couldn't exist without silver, gold and energy. This is not a hit piece on Bitcoin, it's just facts and I like Bitcoin. This is why you can't compare them against each other.

  2. Gold and silver can be good as electrical material, but as store of value, BTC is far better than those metals.

  3. What is there to speculate about Bitcoin fundamentally anymore? Gold maybe is better than Bitcoin at some small situations, but generally Bitcoin is simply the better store of value.

  4. Go for an exchange that support Lightning Network. I am able to buy BTC from Binance, withdraw through Lightning Network with almost zero fee.

  5. Hey, a begginer here, when you receive it in the cold wallet it is exactly the same as if you transferred it as a normal transaction, right? Or do you need to generate a different adress?

  6. You need an address to receive BTC. Depends on which kind of wallet you're using, you'll have only one address, or a set of addresses. If your wallet control a set of addresses, it is by default that the wallet will try to receive BTC each time with a fresh address.

  7. Why not stockpile gold on your land that is by a river? Either way, the topic isn't prepping for doomsday. The topic is store of value, and I was providing scenarios where gold would maintain value when the others would fail.

  8. After all, I believe stating that gold is the ultimate store of value is inappropriate, given that 'ultimate' implies being 'the best in all aspects".

  9. Look throughout time. Everything of value changes. Gold is still gold without changing. Technology comes and goes. FIAT comes and goes. Gold remains.

  10. Maybe we don't see eye to eye on the notion of the "ultimate store of value." Being good at one scenario is not enough to be the "ultimate".

  11. Lightning is only useful for many repeated micro transactions to the same target address. This is almost certainly no exchange's usecase.

  12. Being able to withdraw as little as possible with as cheap fee as possible is not a good thing? Really?

  13. As long as we are seen as the Mr. Bean of the room, we will never be taken seriously as a global utility.

  14. More time to accumulate I guess.

  15. We can only choose the best security available.

  16. yes I'm against mining, if I could click my fingers and BTC used something else for consensus, I would, and anyone else that says they wouldn't isn't thinking thinking straight. Period, full stop.

  17. Just saying that you don't like energy to be used in Bitcoin network security, is not making a strong argument.

  18. agreed. just saying it would be better if it could do the same without the energy usage, that's it.

  19. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, or we will risk breaking it. Energy usage is not bad, doesn't harm anyone, so it's best to leave it be.

  20. A car is not just a mechanical horse, but so much more.

  21. Someone will sell at high enough price.

  22. We don't, but all those funds managers do, and unfortunately they are managing quite a lot of assets. It's nice to see them include Bitcoin ETF in their management portfolio, because of BlackRock.

  23. It's not esg friendly. They'll create a pos fork and call that esg friendly.

  24. If so, BrackRock will be better off with an ETH ETF. They don't have to be bothered with BTC.

  25. Everything that has inflation rate will trending down compared to the thing that has fixed supply.

  26. Exactly. Please take one hand off your dick long enough to type "how does an ETF work" into Google.

  27. Your comment is so confusing, I don't know what you are trying to say.

  28. I have neither the time nor the crayons.

  29. I'm just gonna say one more time, BlackRock need to back their BTC spot ETF by 100% actual BTC, Coinbase will hold it on their behalf.

  30. Check out my Reddit page. I did my best to edit those video and add subtitles so people outside of Bitcoin community can watch and gain some knowledge.

  31. They need to have enough custody of the asset in order to maintain their ETFs.

  32. Enough is 100%, no less. It's required by law. And they have to be audited periodically.

  33. Wallstreet has a tight enough grip now on BTC. Mark my words. Halving? The price is going to tank as they short the sh*t out of it in unison. They’ll cover and buy up all the cheap BTC and do it again.

  34. The edit is terrible. I feel like he could be talking about anything. Every 2 words is a different cut

  35. I almost thought that I mistakenly submitted this video to

  36. You could, by renting an apartment with BTC. It's cheaper than give up a BTC lump sum for a piece of land.

  37. What if I told you that not everything needs to be a pure financial max EV decision?

  38. I'm just showing an option he just doesn't seem to know. I'm not commanding anyone.

  39. Land is absolutely scarce, it requires functioning property rights and there is a yearly tax on holding it, but in terms of something that does not leak any energy, it's the best.

  40. Not really, land will be diluted when there're people live in another planets, or in newfound islands, manmade islands. Even then, there still can't be more than 21 million BTC.

  41. https://criptovalutait.substack.com/p/bitcoin-rivoluzione-blackrock-intervista

  42. As the way I see, BlackRock has to buy BTC to back their ETF, there's no way around that.

  43. Erik Balchunas, ETF analyst for Bloomberg, recently stated that BR will not buy btc but the AP will do it for her. Change anything?

  44. I can't find anywhere that he said BR will not buy BTC. Can you give me the source?

  45. So take out a loan in dollars? That just means continuing to use fiat currency and not btc

  46. when fiat system is still alive, it's better to take advantage of it to buy more BTC, or make your daily life easier.

  47. Once you learn about Bitcoin it's best to never go completely full fiat again

  48. yea I wouldn't put all my BTC holding to get a loan. I am just saying if the fiat system is still there when I can get a loan safely with my BTC, it's better to have some more fiat money to buy more BTC or something.

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