1. INFO: Bodily autonomy and respect notwithstanding, do you realize if Jordan gets family court involved, your brother will likely have even less to no time with his child? I’d be doing everything she asked with a smile on my face.

  2. INFO: How do you expect the hair to go from green to black or brown in “a few days”? I’m legitimately curious, because literally the only way that could happen without severe hair damage or loss is a wig and you don’t want that.

  3. They probably won’t negotiate much more than what they already offered. You can try but I have seen that backfire on many candidates. Yes they can withdrawal the offer.

  4. To be 100% honest, I wouldn’t be upset if they withdrew the offer- the rate they’ve given would mean I would be a little less than pay check to pay check given my current cost of living and that’s just…not tenable.

  5. Negotiation can't hurt right? You have a good idea what you're worth and what you want so ask for it. Be firm with them. Tell them that based on your experience and skills this is the title you want and this is the salary you want.

  6. That makes sense. Plus if push comes to shove, I have other companies that I’m fairly far in the interview process with.

  7. INFO: why was your first response to show your mother the TikTok? Your response makes it seem like you thought she was in danger…which she isn’t, unless Z is an adult.

  8. So as a black woman, the only red flag I see is the “I don’t buy into stereotypes” thing, because 6 times out of 10, that’s the exact kind of mindset that leads to stereotypes in the first place.

  9. I apologize for that, I suppose I should have worded better. I meant more of a "I know people are more than what they're labeled as" sort of way. I grew up in areas that were labeled "ghetto" (and quite frankly one was, at 80% gang territory) but were really just poorer areas. My neighbors were typically always really kind, and one older black lady in my preteens sort-of adopted my siblings and I (we'd play with her grandkids a lot) and always watched out for us kids and my mom until we moved away from that neighborhood (I hope she's doing okay, we lost contact after we moved unfortunately.)

  10. I’d recommend Black France/France Noir for an overall French history and Paris Noir for a history of African-Americans in Paris (takes place far after your book’s time period, but does give a glimpse of race relations and the unique art and culture formed there). Both are in English.

  11. My anger made her angry, we both ended up shouting at eachother, that's why we both needed to cool off

  12. Are you this desperate to avoid taking the blame here? She defended herself from your bad behavior. That doesn’t mean she needs to stop being angry. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but it is natural to be upset when your partner tells you you’re annoying and to piss off.

  13. Might I add that Fried Chicken and Collards are fucking delicious, as a white guy, I will think less of you if you don't like them.

  14. “Fun” fact: a lot of the reason we have these negative stereotypes around fried chicken stemmed from the movie Birth of a Nation.

  15. Ironically, that is really only the case in the north, down here in the south, fried chicken, collards, watermelon, etc are almost staple foods.

  16. Eh, I’d still get shit for eating it down south, but that could have more to do with my race than the food.

  17. Huh. As a child of parents who wanted their kids to be successful/independent, I hadn't actually thought about the idea that some parents would want their kid to be codependent. I always considered it a mistake that enabler parents regret, but don't realize they're the cause of. I'm kind of dense sometimes.

  18. Yeah. My own mother didn’t want me or my brother to stop living with her until at least 30. She cried when I taught myself to do my own hair…when I was 15 (this was just maintenance and upkeep, by the by). Her mother was somewhat the same, and guilted my mother for ‘running away’ from her (moving states at age 38).

  19. wow, curious how real those two five star reviews are. No one mentions functionality, just the look, so did they just stick these on a wall or something? Wood Hawaii wall art, sure. Wood Hawaii cutting board, no.

  20. What, you don’t believe that two Gails*, and only two Gails, loved a nonsensically shaped cutting board?

  21. Given LAOP’s…uh…reputation on pre-med subreddits, I’m going to lean towards “LAOP has a very inflated ego that just burst”.

  22. INFO: You found red flags about your girlfriend’s father that are so bad you can’t tell her, but also want to go to his birthday party, where I presume he’ll be?

  23. This guy posts this for different types of groups. Don't know his deal but i don't like it whatever it is

  24. You know, Sonic 06 came out 8 years before Sonic Boom. It’s been 8 years since Boom released…so I guess Sonic Frontiers will continue the cycle.

  25. True. Although I find the "witch doctor is racist" thing to be a joke anyway, because Haitian Vodou is the derivative of Christian and central African religions anyway, which is clearly what the witch doctor is supposed to be from.

  26. Haitian Vodou is not a derivative of Christianity, it’s syncretized with it. That means that Haitian Vodou was a fully formed religious tradition pre-Christianity, but in order to survive colonization, they assigned Christian Saints to their loas. Also, on the African side, the religion is derived from the Fon people of West Africa.

  27. You know damn well what I meant. Saying it comes from African religion and Christianity is basically the same thing.

  28. Ah yes, because derived and syncretized are synonyms, and Central and Western Africa have the same religious traditions. In fact, you keep insisting Vodou “comes from” Christianity- you might be thinking of folk Catholicism, the term used for Catholicism influenced by religions like Vodou- that’s a different thing, though.

  29. isn't the "sadcringe" sub exactly for mocking posts like this? for sad cringe?

  30. There’s a Chinese Webnovel/comic that basically is “what if everyone treated the zombie apocalypse like covid”. Most people just live out their daily lives while the first zombie attacks are occurring until it’s too late. I guess to be fair, the government is trying to cover things up, but still.

  31. This may be the only mobile game ad where there are consequences for harassing a woman lol

  32. Do people really wake up and be like yes imma do this shit💀

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